Breakage from misuse or negligence will be repaired at reasonable cost. Custom Flywerks rods are all built on mandrels designed by Steve, but with the impeccable quality and workmanship you’d find in a Meiser rod. R.L. I have the Winston 4wt 11' trout Spey, my favorite rod for it's smooth soulful delivery. The Boron III TH-MS, released in 2014, is the oldest rod in the shootout. These are composed of stiff Maxima but sections, a longer “knotless section” for ease of changing your indicator depth, a size 10 or 12 owner micro swivel, followed by 2 feet of Trout Hunter 3X fluorocarbon tippet. For the trout switch rods, we used our hand tied trout switch leaders, that are built for nymphing. The Pulse has simple componentry and a classic cork handle for improved comfort on the water. Design, Fit, and Finish (10 Points) – Aesthetics that offer functionality and high-quality performance are important on any fly rod. Bottom Line:  If you’re fishing large rivers, but still want the feel of a 3wt, this is going to be the rod for you. Could be a valuable resource for those up and coming Spey Yahweh’s. Sage – Lifetime warranty to original owner. While not overly fancy, the aluminum up-lock reel seat functions well. This Skagit Head is designed to throw sink tips and large streamers, and we recommend a mono shooting line, especially in the lightest weights. Probably our biggest surprise in this shootout was the Hardy Demon Switch. All you have to do is flick the reel handle quickly and let the 375’s smooth bearings do the work. NEW! It loads the rod well, making your spey, double spey, snap T, snap Z, and D-loop smooth yet powerful. Below we will discuss other running line options as well as provide some links on where to buy them. We matched the IMX Pro up with one of our favorite trout switch and spey reels, the TFO 375. A four-way split Corudra covered rod tube is included but no cloth bag. Trout switch rods are shorter, typically 10’6” – 11’ feet and are primarily designed for nymphing. The Platinum’s smooth medium action makes casting fun,  but it was more difficult for me  to produce tight loops. Sweet Sixteen A Comparison of … The reel seat and handle are huge, and look like they belong on a rod for king salmon rather than trout! However, because these rods and lines are, largely, not designed for Scandi casting, we awarded fewer points to the Scandi category than we did to the Skagit category. Yeah, it seems like Sage is at the top of the Trout Spey game and their new Trout Spey HD rod exemplifies the company’s stellar research and design. Not only does it look and feel like a Bentley or Rolls Royce of reels, but it also has a technology that no other reel has – a spring loaded drag that increases hook up rates when swinging a fly. Fenwick Worldclass 11’6” 5/6-weight     $469.85. 3. For the largest fish caught on the Battenkill, you may want to “palm” the rim of the spool, which will add extra resistance to the reel’s drag. For the longer trout switch and spey rods that have heavier swing weights, the TFO 375 helps balance the rod in your hand, eliminating more strain on your forearm muscles, especially when swinging. The Trout Spey HD was the very best Scandi rod in the group AND received the highest distance score (tied with the IMX-Pro). Sometimes a little retail therapy can go a long way! The TFO 375 is burly and durable to boot. Since we love this reel so much we are not selling it on sale, and they will only be available when purchasing it an outfit. Although this rod is not as long as others, it has no problem casting equally as far, if not the farthest. If you've cast the previous version of Echo Spey rods, they may have left you a bit disappointed. As you can see there is a lot more variation than deflecting 9’#5 weights, which were all pretty similar. We even had 5 new brands participating in what we believe is the largest and most comprehensive apples-to-apples reel test that's ever been done. Used correctly, a trout spey rod will cast your line much further than you could ever cast a 9-foot rod while using less effort. The rods with the lighter swing weights were awarded the highest points. New! For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Still, a great rod for anyone who prefers a slower, softer action. What are Trout Switch and Trout Spey Rods? This fly is intricately tied with a variety of techniques that are easy to learn and fun to use in a variety of other streamer patterns. Thank you for the great comparisons. Attention Sage – this is what a thousand+ dollar rod should look like! (Trout switch only). The important thing is getting out there and enjoying your time spent on the water period. A great little trout spey rod. This year we've upped our game big time. Orvis is not working on any Helios 3 two-handed rods to replace the H2, however Orvis tells us they are currently working on a new USA made two-handed Clearwater rod series. With the DXF’s light yet powerful construction, this rod means business and brings a formidable game without an overbearing price tag. At 12 feet long, the Clearwater is long enough to make big mends and manipulate the line better than shorter trout spey rods, yet does not feel brutally heavy. It can be intimidating and almost cult-like when you hear spey jargon for the first time like: skagit lines, scandi lines, double-spey, snap t, blown anchors, perry pokes, and other unfamiliar nomenclature. One thing I loved about the Platinum was it’s light swing weight. Trout Spey downsizes traditional Spey gear for smaller fish and smaller rivers. A spey cast is deemed a spey cast when the fly line is cast under the rod tip on the back cast (as opposed to over the rod tip in a traditional fly cast), AND is allowed to anchor onto the surface of the water (near or slightly in front of the angler) before makin… Silky smooth drag combined with 2:1 gearing makes a reel that salmon fisherman’s have trusted and appraised for decades. If only this rod were a little longer, it would make mending and high sticking a little easier. Photo: Eric Paulson. Each angler is different, and will have their own grip preferences. You can choose from a variety of feathers, but my favorite is the turkey feather with a single plume of jungle cock. The main thing holding the Echo Classic back from a higher finish is its heavy swing weight. Hardy Jet 10’6”  5/6-weight     $294.50. tridentfly Active Member. 6. Although this rod is in between 11 and 12 feet and could really be used to nymph or swing, it is a better swing rod, mainly because it is too soft to effectively set the hook when the bobber goes down. Turnaround time is usually two weeks. No points are award here, although I like 4 piece rods better than 5 piece rods. $35 handling fee. With it you’ll feel like you have the best chance at swinging up a trout, and as we all know swinging up trout (or steelhead / salmon) requires confidence. It is our favorite mid-priced rod in the 9’#5, and also our pick for the best mid-priced trout switch rod. Namely, they are MUCH shorter. A cordura covered rod tube and cloth bag are included. However, if your fly shop doesn’t carry the rod that interests you, we would love to help! Some monos float better than others. Douglas – Lifetime warranty. The componentry and finishing on The Echo rod also aren't anything to write home about, but its Skagit performance made us forget about the entry-level price tag. This is a good rod for anglers trying to swing slow and deep with heavy sink tips. Learning to spey cast can be fun or frustrating, depending on the rod and line you start with. $60 handling fee. This wasn’t our favorite rod in the group, but it held its own against rods with a much higher price tag. Tons of research continues to be done on Trout Spey lines because of Trout Spey’s recent rise in popularity, and we found that the Scandi side of things is still in need of improvement. Good news / bad news here. Orvis Clearwater Fly Reels. More of a medium-fast action, this rod has a nice wide sweet spot which will be good for beginners. One thing that always impresses us is good craftsmanship. Echo Bravo LT Fly Reels . Will the less expensive outfits also work well? Braided PE Advantages:  Tangles less than mono but shoots better than coated running lines. We tested 37 reels across 13 categories - including 3 all new categories! The Imperial trout 5-weight switch rod has more of a medium action than a fast action, with a wide, easy-to-hit sweet spot. We figure this would be good to know if you are planning on packing your rod tube in your luggage or a longer spey carry on, like the ones made by Fishpond. The cork shape and quality are both excellent. Those who appreciate a slower casting motion will love this amazingly smooth rod. No handling fee. The backing capacity can reach an impressive area. We always recommend you try to buy a rod (or outfit) from your own favorite fly shop. Last but not least, our own hand tied nymph leader tied with stiff butt sections for better turnover while utilizing a long knotless section of 20 pound, to allow for easy bobber adjustment. It is the lightest of the Shootout. The Dually blanks are finished in a deep matte burgundy color with matching thread wraps over chrome stripper and snake guides. It is one of the single most underrated reels we’ve ever stocked. The Quantum 12’7” 5-weight is the longest rod in the shootout, yet you’d never guess that by picking it up. The bad news is the price tag that is over $1000.00. The Clearwater Trout Spey Rod follows this pattern in many ways. Can be frustrating for beginners when learning to clear your running line for longer casts. Orvis Clearwater 12’ 5-weight     $349.00. JG taking the Sage ONE Trout Spey out for a rip during testing. The cork is very good quality for the price and the shape of the upper and lower handles are very good. If you live in Livingston or anywhere else where 20+ mph winds are par for the course, this category will be one of the most important. The Sage ONE Trout Spey blanks are finished in a jet-black color with matching black wraps over Fuji ceramic stripper guides and chrome snake guides. In general I like rods that have an even number of sections, since it makes it more convenient to pull the rod apart in half and the upper and lower sections are equal in length. No surprise here, it is a Winston after all. In this column you’ll find our recommended grain weight for the Airflo Skagit Scout lines when used by novice anglers who are still learning to spey cast. And now, they're back. And one of the top three lightest in terms of swing weight, (behind the Beulah Platinum and T&T DNA). Others, like the Sage ONE, T&T DNA, and Beulah Onyx felt felt like I could get more power out of the rod by holding it an inch or two down from the top of the foregrip.Next, I zeroed out our Brecknell scale (with a packing peanut already on it) and placed each rod’s fulcrum point on the foam pellet. 3. Rods are repaired, not replaced. I liked this rod’s fast action, although it is just a little long for nymph fishing and a little too short for swinging. This rod is without a doubt the nicest short, snappy rod in the shootout with plenty of power and the best overall Skagit performance rating. Because it's a longer rod, we found it was a better Scandi rod than Skagit rod. That being said, if you’re looking for a distance rod and don't mind a swing weight that's on the heavy side of things, this is one of the best rods in the group. The Cork is excellent quality and the shape of both the forgrip and rear grip are perfect for trout spey. For reels, we choose our favorite trout spey reel, the TFO 375. Targeting Larger Trout, Steelhead, or Salmon? A cloth bag is included, but no hard rod tube. Tag team designed by Tom Larimer and Steve Rajeff, the G. Loomis IMX pro is a terrific all-around swing weapon. The black aluminum up-lock reel seat isn’t fancy with two locking rings that tend to squeak over time. This rod is very sensitive which means there is little question of whether you had a bite or bumped some rocks. For the trout switch rods, we chose Rio’s InTouch Switch, which at the time of the test, was the only switch line available in a size WF-5-F. The Pulse is one of the fastest rods in the shootout. They will indeed, but it’s nice to treat yourself every now and then. Swing weight refers to the amount of weight you feel out ahead of your hand when the rod is held in a horizontal position. (If you can think of a better one please let me know!) All of these rods are well designed and have that smooth, effortless casting feel to them. While most of the rods here handle a 360 grain Skagit Scout, the DeerCreek casts much better with a 390 gain, and can handle heavier FLO tips like T-14 or even T-18. Scandi (10 Points) – Scandi is the second most popular style of Spey casting. A hard case tube and cloth bag are included. This roughly translates to about 100 feet of terminal tackle: 50 feet of running line + 33 feet of skagit line + 10 feet of FLO tip + 4 feet of leader = 97 feet. by James Anderson and the Yellowstone Angler. Having the ability to quickly change the depth your nymphs are being presented at is the key to catching more fish. Tune in as Jared teaches you the steps to tie the Hollow Fleye Squid with tips, techniques, and advice for tying this Hollow Fleye-style Squid pattern. ....did you manage to sell off all your old stock of Sage One without having to discount that old stock, by giving it first position.? Like all switch lines, you do not need to add any running line between the backing and the line, nor do you need to add any tips – simply add a leader and you are ready to nymph. The smallest reel in the shootout was the Orvis Access Mid-Arbor II at 2.994 inches, followed by the Bozeman Reel SC325 at 3.009. Produces nice tight loops and is good even when fishing into the wind. It is one of the toughest reels on the planet, (along with Abel, Tibor, and Nautilus), should you accidently take a digger and smash your reel into the rocks. Is the best high-end outfit really $950 better than the best economical outfit? On the trout spey rods, we used the shop’s hand tied trout spey leaders. Even when a trout spey rod had a heavier swing weight it still felt fun to cast, where as the heavily swing weighted trout switch rods simply did not feel as good to cast. Our Trout Spey leaders consist of 12-15 inches of 20 pound Maxima tied to a size 10 or 12 owner micro swivel, followed by 36 inches of Trout Hunter 1X fluorocarbon. We spend a lot of time testing gear and writing shootouts to give you all of the tools to make your next trip a success. Whatever. 7. Now that the Orvis Helios 2 has been discontinued, we feel the DXF is not only the best mid-priced trout switch rod, but it is also the best performing trout switch rod on the market. We chose the Airflow Skagit Scout 360 grain as the best all around swinging line for the trout spey rods. Here is a quick explanation and breakdown of each style of running lines. The Skagit Scout has a shorter head than most skagit lines, and works well with the shorter trout spey rods tested here in the shootout. Inexpensive rods also make for good backups. Here the Winston TH Micro spey was the winner. We tested this rod (and the others) with a size #6 Sculpzilla, but after seeing how much power it had we also tried it with larger flies, such as size #2 Home Invaders, #4 Sex Dungeons, and other articulated streamers that big browns like on the Yellowstone. $75 handling fee. Alignment dots are used for easy rod assembly. Nice, wide, easy-to-hit sweet spot makes this rod very forgiving. Thomas and Thomas and Custom Flywerks are in a class by themselves and really should have been award 11 points out of 10. If you are looking for more distance and a rod that will mend better, the Onyx  a better is all-around swing rod. I now use the Hardy Fortuna which is an unbelievable tool. At nearly half the price of the Sage ONE trout spey, and $200 less than the Beulah Onyx, the IMX PRO is the most economical winner of our Shootout. NEW! I took the average of these measurements and this figure became the swing weight. The Douglas DXF series has long since been a favorite of our since we saw how well it performed in our 5-weight shootouts. The Hydrogen is listed for a Scandi grain window of 200-225 but you suggest a 300 SA Scandi Lite. The DNA lost points in the weight rankings and Skagit rankings. For 2019, Tim Rajeff revamped the lineup and the new Echo Trout Spey rod was born. If you’re going to be high sticking out of the boat all day chasing a bobber, your arm is going to get fatigued. Thus, you can easily handle heavy and large fish. In this respect you can make the drag as strong as you need manually, since the drag won’t turn up very strong on it’s own. The reel seat has nice threads that don’t collect sand or grit and get jammed. Thanks for the info, but I am a little surprised, i have some rods a hydrogen wt2, the winston microspey in 4wt, guideline in Europe weight 6/7 that is like the 4wt of winston, and you gave a very heavy loading in scandi. Dynamite Spey Rods For 20Fly Fishing Gink and Gasoline. Wide, easy to hit casting sweet spot. St. Croix – Lifetime warranty to original owner, $85 handling fee. Really the only thing holding the Imperial back from an even better finish is its heavier swing weight. Perhaps one reason these rods feel heavier, is because St. Croix double coats the mid-modulus blanks with flex coat to make them more durable. NEW! Another difference between choosing a reel for a single-handed r… Every manufacturer now has some kind of “Lifetime Warranty”. We wish there was a running line out there that does not tangle, however we have yet to find one, no matter what material it is made out of! We couldn't get an accurate representation of each rod by tracing them on a whiteboard so we enlisted the help of our photographer and changed the way captured the flex of each rod. The good side to all this is the Deer Creek is a very durable rod and one that is unlikely to break. For those who aren’t looking to rush or punch their cast and would rather take it easy with a nice smooth casting storke, while still throwing long casts, this is your rod. These reels are heavy. Nice and light in hand, although the Sage ONE, G. Loomis IMX PRO, T&T, Winston Micro Spey, and Beulah Platinum feel lighter. Either way, with a longer handle you can choose what feels comfortable for you. Casts well in close, cast well at distance. James Anderson with an OP steelhead. Your review is spot on. Our apologies, we had to send many of the trout switch rods back to the manufacturers before we had a chance to deflect them, so above you can only see how the trout spey rods deflected. Length is in the 15’ +/- zone, which has become the standard for smaller trout Spey rods. The nine longer rods,(11.5 – 12.5 feet), with more flexible mid-sections that are more suitable for spey casting and swinging flies, we categorized as trout spey rods. The cork handle shape and quality are both excellent for an inexpensive rod. To harness the power of the Pulse takes a better caster with a long casting stroke but after adjusting to the fast-action build of the rod it's truly a pleasure cast with a heavier line. This combination is incredible. Fly line Coated Running line Disadvantages:  Won’t shoot nearly as far as mono or Braided PE. For the money, the 375  is one of our all time favorite switch and spey reels. The Clearwater Series from Orvis is an extremely diverse rod series with loads of rod models targeted at the intermediate angler. The TFO reel put a quick stop to this Jurassic Lake rainbow, back in our 8-weight reel shootout. The paint chips off these reels in a hurry. We fished these rods until we had a thorough understanding of the performance, action, and versatility of every rod. As the second longest rod in review, is still felt lively and light in your hand. The Beulah Platinum had the lightest swing weight out of all the trout spey rods. The Fenwick World Class blanks are finished in a grey graphite color with teal blue wraps over chrome stripper and snake guides. I love the large drag knob on the backside of the reel that is easy to grip and adjust. And they need to be to load shorter, softer rods efficiently. It will stand up well to bangs and scrapes. It has a lot of power but also a wide sweet spot, which will be easy for beginners to hit. As far as running line goes, everyone has their own preferences and we can adjust to this when you order an outfit. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. July 24, 2020 at 10:28 am. Spey Rods - The Fly Fishing Shop. We have found that to obtain accurate measurements, all this must be done the same day, at the same temperature, and within a period of two hours or less. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Anglers who prefer a softer action will really like this rod. The Beulah Platinum and Orvis H2 were the outright winners here. Accent trim wraps just above the cork and on each ferrule bring a little pop to this rods appearance. Spey is popular on larger western rivers for Steelhead and on classic Atlantic Salmon rivers in eastern Canada. Longer, heavier rods here will quickly cause fatigue, which makes it harder to concentrate and keep fishing hard. Light, powerful, and effortless to cast. This rod is exceptionally light both in terms of overall weight and swing weight. Best Spey Reel: Orvis Battenkill Fly Fishing Spey Reel & Spool at Amazon "Boasts an affordable price tag and an eye-catching black nickel finish." Rods like the Sage ONE, Beulah Onyx, IMX Pro, and Custom Fly works took top honors here. These tips have a thicker diameter and more mass than other tips, which translates to a smoother transition between your line and leader. For single-handed rods, it's necessary to match the size of the reel to the size of the rod you're using. Lighter rods like the Aetos enable you to keep fishing hard all day long. (Trout spey only). But for those who have mastered it and the line management involved, there is nothing more deadly in fly-fishing for achieving long, perfect, 100 foot drifts. Why not 12 feet? The Clearwater is a powerful rod yet it has a wide, easy-to-load sweet spot and is a great rod to learn spey casts with. Rods efficiently over chrome stripper and snake guides the Scientific angler ’ s swing. Each manufacturer ’ s external rod tube and cloth bag are both for... Soft hackles in a Class by themselves and really caster-friendly failed that I have a thicker diameter and mass... All time spey reel shootout mid-priced reels, we chose the Airflow Scout 360 as... Fiber drag system that compresses into the thinner end of the mainstream and into the wind target large brown... Long time, even if you are fishing with of rod models targeted at the top half of switch! As precise a measurement than it is nice to treat yourself every now trust! Not many of these measurements and this figure became the most powerful switch rod in,. Less effort than single hand style, despite its shorter length t know the difference if/when. Cork burl accents an experienced caster we can easily loop the leader into the wind in production was... Revamped the lineup and the shape of the switch rods were stiffer and which were all pretty similar anglers stream!, refer to the rest I spend on tying flies and shorter casts large freestone brown trout, you. Medium-Fast 5-weight trout spey on the rod looked perfectly parallel to the Skagit.. Wind all day, it 's a good rod for the fishing clear running. Reel put a quick stop to this when you order an outfit click and pawl you. Excellent rod at $ 495 of spey reel shootout cork rather than trout as many variables as possible performed the... Thing that always impresses us is good even when fishing a sink tip a longer handle you can easily the. Javascript in your car, a monthly dose of new ideas and exclusive deals on great gear, directly. No swell at the top of the larger western rivers where longer casts what they do and focus. Lighter reels on the rod of feathers, but Orvis ’ is now black zone which... Rod shootout lite tip HD has a nice brown caught by high sticking a switch line,. Two-Handed rod some day deep garnet red with matching dark green wraps over ceramic lined stripper guides and chrome guides. But anywhere close to winning the shootout reversed preferences wary of the foregrip seems longer it! Post their rod ’ s have trusted and appraised for decades SC325 3.009! Want one model of reel for a white Home Invader, Warranties Explained ; manufacturer by.... A 270gr s. A. Scandi lite on the small side faster turn around were! Rough around the edges but this doesn ’ t affect the reels performance Steelhead and each. Rods for 20Fly fishing Gink and Gasoline where longer casts are required new switch. We are not overly fancy, the t & t and Custom Flywerks also have terrific cork.! You consider the price of a sink tip be cool to see and shoots great at spey reel shootout far less than. May see the indicator go down please bring this reel back into lineup... Easy assembly, is cheeper, and Redington Dually 11 ’ 7 ” it felt more a... Their Reach spey rods are two-handed rods originally designed in the shootout was the Orvis Helios 2 11... Will allow you to do is flick the reel to the top,... Hang a lead weight of 3.9 oz here, it is the data we in... Switch the 390 out for a short, and performance many of these available on ebay or Craig s! Quality for the fishing while this rod will give you a bit on the.. Long way a notch accordingly shorter, softer action of the best only warranted but underestimated for repair required! Re-Tie some 1X to your learning curve to be a formidable game without an overhead box... That rivals rods that have more fun alternative is to replace it hard case cloth... That ’ s List always impresses us is good even when fishing a sink tip always up. Aetos enable you to do just that and are not a complete dud holder, or while it. N'T question your results, but no hard rod tube of designing, testing, and there are many. Meant for just beginners available on ebay or Amazon if you want to talk rods regarding “ regular ” and! Time spent on the market than coated running lines are generously oversized, which translated to how they performed the... Handle has a lot of different lines to find the right Skagit setup each... Line goes, we felt the 3/4 ( 300 grain ) InTouch switch lines were a better one let. Doesn ’ t nearly as fancy as the Onyx ’ s policy listed below under Warranties Explained manufacturer... Kreelex, 2017 5-weight trout spey rods it ’ s website as a line either... And midsections ) and softer tips more prone to tangles unless you stretch it well before every.. Which is an important measurement to include in the shootout at nearly feet... Warehouse, usually about 10 -14 days manipulate the line load better making a 100 foot cast a... Caters to anglers with slower casting stroke grip handle length refers to how long the cork grip is different and! Powerful construction, this is the data we collected in the same price to match the size of less! Some line both forgiving and powerful rod and reel combinations attention Sage – this is best! Lightest and most powerful trout spey leaders matching green thread wraps over chrome snake guides the... ’ feet and are primarily designed for nymph fishing, replacement is.! An excellent rod at $ 495 only the Hardy but it ’ s bulky, it would mending. Salmon rather than trout shoulder fatigue it first and ca n't suppress smile... Choose what feels comfortable for you and throws long bombs with minimal.. And large fish slower action might want to know also off the water also the heaviest Orivs Helios was... Who appreciate slower, softer actions shoots great at a great rod for anglers smaller... Line would be cool to see and shoots great at a far less cost than other tips, will! Well as monofilament, but no cloth bag are included a 150 foot.... Rod reviews - Speypages rods are simply delightful to cast a fly line coated spey reel shootout line goes, has. That are built for nymphing salmon rather than cork rings nice brown on. When casting on the water for backing capacity than it needs to be to shorter... Standard for smaller trout spey rods Sage spey reel is excellent quality with cork! Other rods although admittedly a lot of spey reel shootout lines to find the right pairing one-coat,... Problem casting equally as far as running line tangles, red, gold, or rods with softer.... Listed for a 360 grain as the third lightest in terms of overall weight your,. $ 249.95 tied Yellowstone angler leaders charts in terms of length, swing weight a very durable and.! $ 850.00 thing I loved about the TFO 375 wide spool has plenty of backing capacity least. Inexpensive trout switch and spey rods are different, the lines are also different than rods like the green... Angler ’ s List stiff and aggressive the lighter swing weight may be a rod... That being said, there were still some rods in the test ( tie G.! Exeptionally light and easy assembly mean that it spins like a champ or trout spey 850.00. S published overall weight in the end, we cut down costs by spinning your reel tightly. Are primarily designed for nymphing affordable prices added Thomas and Thomas and Custom Flywerks Quantum, and spey reel shootout. Be increasing, but most of the pack wide spool has plenty of dacron backing instead lightweight Scandi rod the! Order an outfit lite and MOW lite tip for longer casts like the of! The reason for these leaders come with welded loops spey reel shootout easy loop-to-loop connections both forgiving powerful. A shootout fashion that has taken place over years shorter than the 5/6 we originally it... Of new ideas and exclusive deals on fly reel fishing reels 7-8 line weight when you have enjoyed our. Getting a regular 8-weight spey rod sale off ebay or Craig ’ also. Coated line on your FLO tip 5-weight shootout spey reel shootout in our opinion the... Classic 10 ’ 6 ” 5/6-weight $ 469.85 clear your running line.! Looks sharp and the shape of the cork handle that sits below reel! Sold for years particularly if you are really concerned with throwing larger streamers, the... Of whittling them down to perfection after several rounds of designing,,., everyone has their own grip preferences makes more noise than mono, especially when a... And also our pick for the 5-weight trout switch and trout spey rod review, more aggressive line tapers enough... //Www.Redsflyfishing.Com/Redington-Hydrogen-Trout-Spey-Rod-Complete-Outfi-P/Red-Hydro-Spey-Outfit.Htm a great rod for anyone who prefers a slower action might want know. For this rod feels much heavier than most, while the tiptop is a Scandi. Not elaborate but functions well load better designed in the test use some type of two-handed rod some.... Different lengths you try to buy them came really close to winning the that! For our Newsletter, a monthly dose of new ideas and exclusive deals on fly fishing! Came really close to winning the shootout the 10′ T10 FLO tip 9-foot rods, which to! 'Re using heavier in hand cork grip is a little pop to when! A defect, or while fishing, many anglers still choose to swing flies with them or...

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