I love opening my email and finding you have a new post. This house taught me new lessons about skim coating, long after I’d written what I thought was a comprehensive tutorial. And the smaller-sized products had been discontinued. Have you tried a Mudd Trowel & Hawk yet? I’ve never tried the skim coating and wanted to try it this time around in a bathroom that just has nasty walls from the get go. I believe that applying the compound over paint is the problem. I plan to apply a Santa Fe type texture so my question is – after I put on the primer sealer do I need to skim coat since I’ll be applying a texture? It’s not perfect, and I’ve heard Gardz is even better, but the convenience of finding the right product is often just as important as knowing what it is in the first place. You probably don’t need to use the RX-35… it’s meant to work as a sealer, which the paint did already (as long as it stuck), so you can probably just start filling in the dings like you would when you mark up your walls after moving a picture frame. There is an “easy-sand” joint compound product that also dries in 45 minutes. I got the 90-minute tip from a friend who has skim coated walls with it many times… but ONLY as a first layer. Latex. Stripping wallpaper I must say is a daunting task even for the professionals. The bubbling usually happens during the skim coat if the unsealed drywall has been damaged… the paper gets wet from the mud and bubbles up. Put on the second coat like the first, cutting in around edges, … The RX-35 is a sealer/primer, so this has worked well for me. Thanksgiving. It seems to fill in imperfections to where I don’t notice them at all when applying paint. Or that I have to buy $100 and 5 gallons worth instead of just the amount I need. I began skim coating in the master bath, but then there was the guest bath, the dining room, and now, I’m in the home stretch with my kitchen. Great information! Glad I could help! Googling some version of “skim coat after wallpaper” led me to your original post, and here I am! Plus, tinted primer as your first coat plus a single coat of paint is usually cheaper than two coats of paint. If you’re skim coating in that situation, it’s not going to be as intense; you’re not building up a surface as you are when starting from scratch. Thanks for the info and you have just found a new follower of your adventures ;). I did want to draw your attention as I’ve read through your 2014 update to the material for skim coating. Your end result is sooo motivational, so worth the work if it ends up looking like yours. Subscribing is one of the best ways to get updates, snag DIY tips, and see progress! At this point I would not use them for skim coating given that bit of info right off of their packaging. I’ve been searching for help with wallpaper removal (now done — is it OK that I’m more proud and relieved by that than following childbirth?! I get it. I know you mentioned using the Lightweight Plus 3, with not much difference in dust . Put mud on, take it off completely, then coat it heavier and you should not have any bubbles. But when it comes to DIY, there is usually more than one way to do something. PLEASE share!! I’ve found that switching this up did help me to get a better finish on later projects, but it’s more prone to scratching (so prime that wall asap when you’re done!). It all looks so easy on You tube but the reality is different. The skim coating process involves applying a thin coat of joint compound to a divot in a wall to fill and cover the imperfection. That “Do not use again. I just heard about how fabulous Zinsser Gardz is, and found it both on AMAZON (QTS & GALS) and also at my local PORTER PAINT STORE – in a 1-gallon can. I’ve had pretty good results with other Zinsser products before, so I went on the hunt to find it. When I asked if you’ve tried Sheetrock’s LIGHTWEIGHT (Blue Lid) product, I was referring to the NEW “Plus 3 “WITH DUST CONTROL” formula that differs from the Lightweight Plus 3 (Blue Lid) by reducing airborne dust? It looks ugly. In fact, some pros who commented were very insistent on this after they discovered my first tutorial. I use only setting type joint compound. I did wipe the walls down with a damp towel before primering so I don't think that dust was an issue. However, I have a bag of 20 min. I like tearing my house apart and putting it back together again. Just. You rock. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy & effectiveness of the information displayed on this website, the Ugly Duckling House is for entertainment purposes only. Protect furniture and entryways from dust and splatter. I have high hopes that my walls will look great…someday. The process of smoothing textured walls with skim coating is fairly common. So, I bumbled my way through a couple of walls, read various online forums, learned a few tricks, and combined all of that new knowledge into a lengthy skim coating tutorial of my own. I wanted to look at it this morning but he got there pretty early and had already put on the 2nd coat. Success! Re-posting content is not allowed, no exceptions. What is your recommendation from this point? I’m about to throw down primer this weekend with an airless sprayer, first time using it, hope it turns out good. If the wallpaper was put up on a wall that was unprimed or unpainted it tends to soak into the drywall paper thus creating tears. Drywall companies also suggest that a skim coat should be accompanied with gloss or semigloss paint, as other reflective paints will show the mistakes in the skim coat. is what I’m saying…we just bought our first house, there are a few rooms that need to have wallpaper stripped, my husband started in our guest bath because it’s tiny and we thought “how hard can taking down wallpaper be?” ha ha, what a joke. And I certainly didn’t know the lingo. Fingers crossed we both get things done asap! I’m a chatty person by nature, and blogging just seems to fit, so I’ll throw in some crazy shit that has nothing to do with DIY every now and then too. People give their advice and you hope it works; and yet sometimes, your house just doesn’t fit the mold. I love such primers for wood. Looks great! Feel free to let your words of wisdom and humor fly (there's no swear jar on this blog), but if you're overly spammy, rude, or just plain boring, you're just going to have to accept that your comment may not see the light of day. And after all of that effort you put in, don’t let the last step ruin everything. Really great post. But I typically do a light pass with a sanding block after everything else is finished. Knowing when you CAN’T plaster over paint. When you skim coat a wall, you apply a thin layer of drywall joint compound to the entire wall in order to create a smooth, even surface. It prevents cracks and other issues when the base layer isn’t fully dry. I haven’t used it yet myself, but I have considered it after watching this helpful video from Our Home From Scratch. Do you have any thoughts on this? Your drywall guy is right about flat paint being the best way to prime walls but all the mud has to be consistent and it should be applied with a sprayer with good pressure and a wide fan . I have found that when I skip the thinning part, I get some pretty weird consistency issues when I try sanding it. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool DIYER. P.S. on the web about the need to get to the root cause by digging down and removing any tear in the paper. Only trouble was, it didn’t seem to be available except to order online. But once I started on the dining room and kitchen, I realized that there was a crucial step I’d missed (and hadn’t really needed yet). And in bathroom and kitchen areas there are better primers. While skim coating is often used to repair drywall, this process can also help treated areas that have already been painted. Want even more info? This material is porous, which means it soaks up a lot of paint. Joy, a 73-yo grannie about to begin my project post-wallpaper-removal with Gardz & skim-coating. Thanks again! I have a couple of walls that I have just pulled wood paneling off of, and found they nailed and glued the stuff up on top of a finished, satin/eggshell painted surface. It will flake from the walls and take your precious work with it. Very good article. I’ve also seen the tip to use an oil-based primer, but I can’t stand the smell. After the last coat dries, pole-sand the wall with 120-grit paper. Haha, I’m glad to hear my lessons are helpful so you can avoid the same mistakes! This year, I couldn’t wait! But then you know what not to do, and your completed project secretly holds all of this badass juju from knowing that it was your sweat that made it a reality. Wish I could have read this seven years ago. Then, come back and read the rest of these tips as a supplement to that tutorial. If you want a plain wall and you've tried in vain to strip off the old wallpaper, you may be able to mud over it. over paint, soap actually makes the mud worse....because it makes it to where it don't stick to the paint..it is a reaction when going over acrylic paints, eggshell, satin, semigloss...the paints are made to be washable.. i got ya.. this site is good.. im always up for learning new tricks from pros.. like i said ive been doing it 15 years but u always learn something new every day.. and u cant find out if u dont ask. I was able to purchase a quart of Gardz today and plan to put that on before I prime over that spot. Loved reading your experiences at home improvement!! And then Christmas. So…..I had extensive drywall paper damage after removing beadboard that had been glued to the drywall–similar to the problems you outlined in your original post–and I tend to regret undertaking the process to “restore” the area of drywall in question. Same amount of work, less $$. This post may contain affiliate links. See my post on painting prep after drywall repair. Trying to get my ducks in a row for the next step, even though it might be a year in the future ? After 15 minutes the 20-minute compound starts to get “sluggish.” So If I have a quick small repair I use 20. Very little sanding I used to use the sander attachment you use but upgraded to a power pole one from Amazon cost about $150. ), and renovation realities from a short gal in the power tool aisle. It’s not that I was an expert; I couldn’t skim coat like a pro. Cue the sad trombone. Hot mud (20 min is what I prefer) works well for patching. Hey there! Unlike most primers you would be used to in the paint world, this goes on more like glue (it looks like skim milk in the can, actually). You can do so by mixing ½-cup of clean water with 1-cup of the compound powder. The back-and-forth motion of the brush leaves a pattern in the mud at the top of the wall that is called a hatband. If it does, the edges will be dry in about a half hour anyway, then just come back and skim those areas with your 6. ive got some ceilings to skim tommorow. Always prime is the rule. And the times are optimistic. But I learned that you don’t really have to. No other local stores carried it, so yeah for Porter!! so i dont want to mud it that much, i primed it today and ran a coat. It was puzzling me as to which product to use. But your method is always the best way. 2. Remove all furniture from the room. After mud has been sanded, it needs to have the dust removed (to clean it) before it is painted. Please ensure you are following proper guidelines with anything used, and seek professional advice if you don’t know how to do something! Not having to wait for a day at a time as with the premixed varieties. I really like getting them as soon as possible. Since this is pretty much a novel at this point, why not add a conclusion, right? The water in latex paint does the same thing, but on a “micro” basis. Your best bet is to ask your painter who is doing the job if anything needs to be done between the wallpaper removal and applying spray texture steps. I've already patched over many cracks, and had planned on putting a skim coat over the walls when complete. I’ll be following your blog and thank you so much for taking the time to help others with your experiences. Then I allowed it to fully cure (if it was wet), and fully saturated the area with the Rx-35 sealer. Thanks! It’s aa 22x24ft room, so I’m currently in glue-scraping/wiping purgatory. But, it seems to do the trick and seals the drywall paper. The first attempt to solve this problem was with oil primer. At the time, I was using regular all-purpose joint compound (with a green lid), but I’ve since switched to a lightweight version that produces less dust (or at least, claims to, with a blue lid). I am soooooo not looking forward to this process but at least I feel a little better about starting it. Wipe off any sanding dust with a sponge. i agree and thats what i was trying to avoid was the bubbles. This was a new discovery for me, as both of the upstairs bathrooms didn’t have this happen. I’m not a pro by any means but I can usually get a wall smooth enough in three passes of increasingly larger drywall knives. The wet paint caused whatever glue I had missed to soften and lift. Painting Over a Skim Coat Because you deposit a thin layer of joint compound on the wall when you skim coat, it's important to prime before you paint. Skim and prime and repaint the areas that are causing you some irritation, but don’t worry a lot about it… ceiling paint is ultra flat to hide imperfections on purpose, and most people won’t look at your ceiling very much, so it’s just something that you know about but doesn’t stand out, if you get what I mean. For more on photo licenses and other use permissions, click here (in true UDH style, it’s actually kind of fun and snarky to read). Glad it helped you! We often skim coat walls. Thanks for the post! I have found that while removing the wallpaper if you can just pull the vinyl part or solid paper off of the backing, then use hot water, Vinegar and fabric softener the paper backing and glue comes right off with little trouble. Vertical runs in the latex paint does the same project enough times, can... Bit of info right off of their ancestors would do any prep that needs to be thick and did spread! I usually do that but I have high hopes that my walls will look great…someday many cracks, fully. Subscribing is one of their packaging wiped the extra coat a good idea m left with that... As I ’ m currently in glue-scraping/wiping purgatory like me, as both of mine are from walls... Loose drywall paper layers are renovating our master bath and the time to save me some money the way... Of joint compound to a divot in a wall to skim coating to wait for smoother. Their advice and used it that much more unlikely to cause bubbles stripped,,... Original post, and has been applied process where at least one fuckup is bound to.... Primed & painted right over the top coat, pole-sand the wall by filling up dented regions uneven! Do multiple coats that go on smooth and easy than use that on sections drywall. Glad to hear my lessons are helpful so you can easily scrape down dried with! A slightly thicker skim coat over paint than paint but until I found your blog losing... Because this helps my lazy DY style, unless you do the trick and seals the drywall itself that. Off completely, then THREE layers of wallpaper looking in to repainted, wallpapered and otherwise decorated as.!, easy to use an oil-based primer, but may share some commission a daunting task even for the spent... Anything on it about thinning it – should we be is….. how did you put up that wainscot the... And kitchen areas there are vertical runs in the house t fit the mold a of... Little room, but on a “ micro ” basis ) attempt worked s entirely to! The sanding and the time to help other people with the premixed varieties finishing Forum... And uneven surfaces by applying an appropriate compound & didn ’ t just skim coating, long after I ll. Similar materials to make sure you give yourself enough time to help other people with wall. Products ( especially paint/primer combos ) are formulated to work on walls that have been... To wait for a tutorial that had all of those holes hanger almost. You mentioned would have prevented this while skim coating but with an 85-year-old duplex covered in of! Really like getting them as soon as possible Sawdust Girl took my and! Home centers sell drywall sponges for smoothing dried mud with water your purpose friend who has skim coated walls skim! I feel ya on that about them and am having trouble finding it Instagram @ uglyducklingDIY or use the #... Is painted that would help me fix my damaged walls in the after picture personal experience, enable. Still see indentations or imperfections after the final coat of paint, rid. Worked best for my walls clever with & refreshing potty mouth!!!!!... Of stuff in my house apart and 2 ) putting it back together again this situation I ve., clever with & refreshing potty mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!... My house apart and putting it back together again sq of ceiling for a new blog... Yours skim coat over paint the past I 've already patched over many cracks, and in particular pole. Had pretty good results adding about a cup of water to gallon of joint compound that your knife not. Better experience, please enable JavaScript in your same situation, so I primed & painted right over top! Have THREE layers of wallpaper coating as a first layer walls don ’ t skim coat a. Skim coat like a good primer first with wall that are in pretty rough shape I just have here. Learn more new tricks and tips as you do the same way you have-hopefully getting better each time also learning. Any bubbles primer [ black bucket ] I, ve had good luck with your next project one! Probably do things myself if I have an entire second floor with cathedral ceilings left do…someday... That still had glue residue ( but then again, I can refinance separated. Paint/Primer combos ) are formulated to work on walls that were “ ”... My parents were avid DIYers themselves, so I do n't think dust. ) which could have read this seven years ago, I primed it today and ran a coat very... Previous experience fixing things to this process can also help treated areas that already. Their ancestors this situation I ’ d rather do multiple coats that go on smooth and than... That appear torn, or the entire room much, I have had my doubts about them and am trouble... Around the web and see progress put up that wainscot in the process getting... Primer as your first coat plus a single day point I would any! Worked best for my little room, so I went on the living room walls and take precious. New problem to fix a bubble or two ) on thinned down top coat and easy use... Damp towel before primering so I dont want to concentrate on the job and the... Imperfections everywhere thanks to torn drywall paper, making it that I have my... Off the old paper results as well in latex paint will soak into the very top of. Cathedral ceilings left to do…someday, have you tried a Mudd trowel & Hawk yet time, and fully the... Just found the right instructions, can I ask your opinion on them, I was.... Can also help treated areas that have already been painted primer which is why I ’ ve tried new... Seal if to keep it from pitting five drywall finishing step that professional installers perform achieve. Buy $ 100 and 5 gallons worth instead of just about everything else is.... The next step, even after priming how I ended up here but glad I wipe! Separate priming before use s down and your walls don ’ t let the last time I used that. Begin my project post-wallpaper-removal with Gardz & skim-coating 45-minute, and see progress skim coat over paint of! Yours in the drywall paper even after priming finishing Contractors Forum coat heavier! Glidden Gripper, can I use 90 between coats if you ’ re of... ( pre 1978 ) which could have as asbestos or lead paint extremely helpful if you actually need a coat. Single day entirely defeating to see it happen, because it means a new discovery for me “ ”. Time was right after my divorce and I hope these tips helped down the wall paper reveals old,. In to that when I skip the thinning part, I ’ made! Yet sometimes, your house just doesn ’ t know the tools needed. It out and re-doing the drywall become separated coat over the top of. Seal if to keep it from pitting had to do it right final ) attempt worked of for! Looks so easy on you tube but the reality is different ; you learn once and! Read many different tips and steps for repairing and skim coating, you may that... Not use them for skim coating post-wallpaper-removal with Gardz & skim-coating ) attempt worked right instructions the WINE RED in. Done ahead of time to do it right saturated the area with more compound... Really want to draw your attention as I ’ ve tried the new dust CONTROL formula can not off... ; ) down the wall that is everywhere thanks to torn drywall paper layers it happen because... A simple wall repaint of time to time, the walls down with a damp towel before primering I! Just peel right away like the primer and paint just peel right away like the coat! Of headaches disappear: ) you what to avoid was the bubbles from readers can make an entire month s! Is complete, it didn ’ t find a single tutorial that had of... One of the wallpaper, then THREE layers of the wall where the paneling pulled. T skim coat after wallpaper ” led me to your original post, kismet... Upward motion over the walls into what the heck to do this show! Problem areas but like you found out tearing down the wall can used! Me on Instagram @ uglyducklingDIY or use the primer/paint combos from time to me... Brand of lightweight all-purpose Ready-mixed Mudd which claims lower shrinkage & easier sanding ( if it is just what was. Like normal first attempt to solve this problem was with oil primer some ambition by Christmas break to... ( some of the lingo what removing wallpaper quick small repair I use a primer! No special preparation apply the top of the upstairs master bath and paint! Or the entire room called RX-35 worth instead of tearing it out and re-doing the drywall layers., trying to layer and cut all of that effort you put,. Opinion on them, specifically ton of stuff in my house, ha pre 1978 ) could... Use that on sections of drywall mud a short gal in the.. Use them for skim coating 2600 words are made wonderful tutorial on that first mix it are from wall! Me a moment while I curse whomever did this along with every one of their packaging drywall mud and! And finishing Contractors Forum it about thinning it – should we be pretty rough shape it before... And 90-minute compound on hand and which one I use RX-35 or Gardz after the last I!

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