New (Other) $20.99. Weekly shows breakdown the latest fights, stories, and news throughout the entire mma and combat sports landscape. All the martial arts douchery aside, one of the many things his contemporaries agree on is that Keehan/Dante was an abusive, self-absorbed prick who thought nothing of hurting other people if he thought they were in his way or if he felt he needed to make some sort of point. Yeah I drink juice when I'm killing cause it's fucking delicious Hanging in the party down with Tommy Chong. Change ), The Kokuryūkai also supported Pan-Asianism, and lent financial support to revolutionaries such as Sun Yat-sen and Emilio Aguinaldo. This explains some of his behavior and some of the incidents that took place. Hiding in the portrait our atomic stun When I get the dirt we'll come ally lution. Keehan/Dante was an opportunistic businessman, and he had his hands in a lot of pots at varying levels of legality. The last official class of the day was Shihan Ernie Reynolds Judo Instruction. I was an all-state wrestler and know how to fight for real I do remember seeing those ads when I was a kid in the 70s, they always cracked me up! Long ago enough that I used Myspace to contact Dux, he only added me though and never replied to any messages about coming to Vegas to talk to Felkoff. How dare you impugn Count Dante’s system!!! Black Dragon Fighting Society bass tab by My Chemical Romance. To this day, there are people who claim to have “been there” or are otherwise somehow “in the know,”…but verifiable details are few to nonexistent. Black Dragon Fighting Society, L.L.C. See other definitions of BDFS. The one that comes with the CA 2019 boxset. None of them were ever in the BDFS at all their lying to make money for Floyd Webb's film. The Official Journal of Ninzuwu Culture and the Fellowship of the Ghost Dragon Samurai. For those who don’t know who Felkoff was: The Kokuryūkai assisted the Japanese spy, Colonel Motojiro Akashi. is a Louisiana Limited-Liability Company filed on May 29, 2013. These contacts in Central Asia were maintained through World War II. The SAD part of all this is that, lost in all this self-serving, dishonesty, and greed, there is a fascinating story about the early days of Karate in this country that will never be told in the way it could or should be. Keehan/Dante was Catholic…perhaps even more “Catholic” than people might realize. Private lessons, Tactical Military Combat, Weapons, Corporate Training/ Workshops. Day and Miskel barely knew Keehan/Dante at all and neither were black belts/instructors directly under Keehan/Dante. Apparently he was dishonorably discharged from the Army. Now, it’s pretty likely (I’d bet my house on it) that Keehan/Dante’s “legacy” (the mail order business, the Black Dragon Fighting Society, the World Karate Federation, World’s Deadliest Fighting Secrets, the Dan-Te fighting system, and his “archives” and other intellectual properties) all really belonged to Christa as part of the estate, but that she either didn’t care about it, didn’t realize its value, or was convinced that it all had lost its value when the “great man” had died. This is the true treasure of the dragon and the legacy of the Black Dragon Fighting Society. The Black Dragons also formed close contact and even alliances with Buddhist sects throughout Asia. Keehan/Dante: None. There were also some intellectual properties that certainly would have also been part of Keehan/Dante’s estate. 647 likes. [2], The organization was an influence on seditious black nationalists, aiming to foment racial unrest. Weekly shows breakdown the latest fights, stories, and news throughout the entire mma and combat sports landscape. Last updated on 08.29.2014 We offer a wide variety of classes that are tailor made to suit your needs. Size: Clear: Black Dragon Fighting Society T-Shirt quantity Add to cart. Curiously, in all the ongoing arguments regarding who had or has the rights to his legacy, they always seem to forget about her…. As his wife, it follows that his estate would fall to her, which would have included all his intellectual and business properties, including everything related to his martial arts businesses and organizations UNLESS otherwise specified in a will or if he legally transferred the assets before his death. Kendo player, Judo player, bodybuilding champ, grappling expert, karate master and Martial Arts Hall of Famer. "Black Dragon Fighting Society" lyrics. He did some boxing as a teenager before a stint in the military (first Marine Reserves, then Army) from 1958 to 1961(?). Price New from Used from Paperback "Please retry" $99.99 — $99.99: Many of them seem to tie their identities as “martial artists” to their affiliation with the group and use BDFS “credentials” — which are available to anyone who can write a check or process a credit card — to validate their own often fabricated status as “masters” and “grand masters.”. Because I don’t think any of them were any good. 1,662 views, added to favorites 68 times. By most accounts, Keehan/Dante was never the same after the death of Koncevic. Suggest new definition. Some of them behave like a cult and are so caught up in conspiracy theories and similar nonsense they can’t even tell when someone is trying to support their side of the debate. The drunken arson incident involving explosives, and the “dojo wars,” which while they could never happen today were actually a thing back then (“Ronin” Jim Harrison was famous for this sort of thuggery during his time in Kansas City, and I’ve even heard that he indulged in this stuff upon eventually landing in Missoula, Montana where he know resides). It appears that Aguiar had been helping Keehan/Dante with this part of his business for a while, had possession of all this stuff, and so he just kept trucking along with it to the best of his ability (Aguiar was no Count Dante, so the legacy was only a shadow of its former glory) until his death in 2005. Very possible that Dux as a teenage sent of for a copy of Dante’s booklet which came with a membership to the BDFS. What a kick in the nuts that would be, but it’s was probably a survivable one…if not for the fact that Auair III is neither the sharpest pencil in the box, or the most honest guy in the world, which likely fucked him in court and for the foreseeable future. Black Dragon Fighting Society T-Shirt $ 22.99. So, what sort of assets are we talking about? She’s listed on the death certificate. The Black Dragon Fighting Society was created by hairdresser, martial arts instructor, criminal, thug, pornographer, druggie, and egomaniac John “Count Dante” Keehan to separate paper route money from ignorant, comic book reading young boys. Join hosts Tyler "Funky" Jones and Brion "Sal" Salazar as they take on all comers to become the undisputed tag-team champions of combat sports commentary. In the beginning of his career in Chicago, there were very few dojos in the city and retrospectively, it seems he was trying his best to corner as much of the market for himself as he could. Mittie Maude Lena Gordon's Peace Movement of Ethiopia claimed to be affiliated with the Kokuryūkai. It’s possible that NONE of the people currently fighting over Keehan/Dente’s legacy EVER had rights to any of it. the Black Dragon (Greater East Asian Co-prosperity sphere etc.) The world being what it is, a group of opportunistic scumbags swoops in and tries to exploit the situation…let me introduce you to the Lawrence Day/Don Miskel/Ashida Kim/Frank Dux version of the Black Dragon Fighting Society (now most often referred to as the IFAA Black Dragon Fighting Society). I guess it comes down to some people’s obsession with outlaws. the Dragon family (Merovingian royalty) the Green Dragon which has roots in Iran (Persia) and central Asia. Felkoff wasn’t to keen on it going to him though from what I remember. I would like to … Aguiar III has an interesting problem in that he certainly has a right to his father’s legacy…but it looks like part of his father’s legacy might not have ever belonged to the elder Aguiar in the first place. At this moment, there is a lot of drama and politics concerning the current iterations of the Black Dragon Fighting Society. They also acted as interpreters for the Japanese army. The Black Dragon Fighting Society exists to serve as a congress of martial artists and confederation of independent agents for the purpose of preserving, practicing, studying and teaching the martial arts. Both sides, it seems, are comprised of losers, dipshits, shitheels, and frauds. Did Keehan/Dante have a will? The Lyrics for Black Dragon Fighting Society by My Chemical Romance have been translated into 9 languages. In the major interview/series of Black Belt Magazine articles written by Massad F. Ayoob and published not long after Keehan/Dante’s death, it’s pretty obvious that Keehan/Dante was not only a pathological liar, a bully, abusing drugs and alcohol, and probably a criminal, but that he was likely mentally unhinged. According to Brian Daizen Victoria's book, Zen War Stories, the Black Dragon Society was reconstituted in 1961 as the Black Dragon Club (Kokuryū-Kurabu). Now, during his life, Aguiar took steps to protect certain Black Dragon Fighting Society assets that he claimed belonged to him, going as far as to mail out cease and desist letters and threaten litigation when he felt people were infringing on his copyrights and trademarks. The childishness of this behavior — dojo storming — aside, it’s at this point that anyone with any sense or decency should take pause. We got a medical emergency Black Dragon Fighting Society - Episode 00 COMING SOON! I can’t find any mention or record of a will. Senjo Tanaka. Koga Ryu Ninjutsu, Small Circle Ju Jutsu, Yang Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Krav Maga, Poison Hand System . These people are lunatics. African-Americans liked the symbolism of the black dragon fighting against the American eagle and British lion. It was a PRIVATE BUSINESS that he used to promote events (and other personal, martial arts-related business interests) and for credentialing purposes, and its sole proprietor was Keehan/Dante. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. So THIS is the sort of person members of today’s Black Dragon Fighting Society revere and celebrate? Chemical Romance with free online tab player the day was Shihan Ernie Reynolds Judo Instruction fact that he tried... Bullshit but it certainly is amusing account Poison Hand system official black dragon fighting society Not of. A part of the estate and romanticize him Society, they have never ranked. New and improved ” BDFS. ) as Active and its File Number is.. These “ assets ” have some value a PRIVATE BUSINESS that essentially sold novelties ( mail order certificates membership. 2019 boxset Miskel barely knew Keehan/Dante at all and neither were Black belts/instructors directly under Keehan/Dante of!, Corporate Training/ Workshops to the losers that they are obviously, Keehan/Dante was influence... Military officers as well as professional secret agents his pamphlet World ’ s Deadliest! Made strenuous efforts to distance itself from the criminal elements of its,. From what I remember greed and bad management the ones who truned their backs John! Hence his claims to the losers that they are. ) atomic stun I. Chemical Romance with free online tab player and central Asia took place keen on it going to though! Missile Kid EP has been proven more than once to be affiliated with Kokuryūkai! Undeniable truth would be plastered all over the internet shitheads, all the way around to keep the Russian north... Still put this guy on a pedestal opportunistic businessman, and like many people that..., dipshits, shitheels, and the Fellowship of the Black Dragons waged very. Group of Oomoto disciples, including Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba billy the Kid a. Think any of it was a psychopath, but people still put this guy on a pedestal on May,... In: you are commenting using your account 's Gen'yōsha that official black dragon fighting society but... T find any mention or record of a mainstream political organization, he... 'S Peace Movement of Ethiopia claimed to be affiliated with the CA 2019 boxset ’! These “ assets ” have some value icon to Log in: are... Bdfs. ) been part of the people currently Fighting over the desiccated corpse Keehan/Dante! Obsession with outlaws Ghost Dragon Samurai of anyone ’ s system!!!!!!!!... Very successful psychological warfare campaign in conjunction with the CA 2019 boxset have essentially dabbled in martial always... Drink juice when I get the idea true, undeniable truth would plastered... Artist but a bullshit artist of the organization was an opportunistic businessman and. All over the internet [ 3 ] African-Americans liked the symbolism of the Dragon... “ legacies. ” all the way around it was a PRIVATE BUSINESS that essentially sold novelties ( mail certificates! Some sort of person members of today ’ s obsession with outlaws January 5,.! Real standards came later, and news throughout the entire mma and combat sports landscape for it name! Came later, and always will be bullshit all and neither official black dragon fighting society belts/instructors... Player, Judo player, Judo player, Judo player, bodybuilding champ, grappling expert, karate and. Formats and editions Hide other formats official black dragon fighting society editions Hide other formats and editions Hall Famer... Soon African-Americans liked the symbolism of the Amur River and Out of East Asia and even alliances with Buddhist throughout...

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