One of the subway stops had too large of a gap to cross to get in the rail car & she got stopped. You will see pictures of my wife Babs in her chair at several monuments like The Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial. Thanks FOLD & GO for thinking of everything!!”. Only one airline rep questioned the battery but after a couple of phone calls she was told to let me proceed. She was able to go up & down the cemetary hills to see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Kennedys burial sight, the Women’s Veteran Memorial, & the Iwo Jima Memorial, then back to the Metro to get back to the hotel. I’d like to travel and that’s not possible right now due to COVID and my walking difficulty. And they are made in America so I don’t have to worry about repairs or parts. It sure beats being a shut-in!”. Don’t get me wrong with this last notice. Max Mackiewicz FOLD & GO Travel Daypack. I never take a purchase like this one lightly. The bag underneath the seat is the perfect storage area for the chairs’ charger cord and there is still plenty of room for a jacket, purse, or whatever extra stuff I need to take with me. “I had the most wonderful experience with FOLD & GO Wheelchairs. That was freedom…. I’m thrilled to be an owner of this chair.”. If you want to remain anonymous feel free to us an alias name or type in your initial in the last name field. I have MS and even though I can get around with a walker inside going outside was a different story. Lightest In the world! Thank you for designing and creating such a wonderful chair.”. This changes her life. What a wonderful company and staff to communicate with. This would not be accomplished without the help of the fold and go wheelchair. They just designed so many features that I didn’t any think about that made this wheelchair so appealing to me. I rented a purple heavy-duty wheelchair for vacation at Walt Disney World. We filled our Delta’s damage claim at our home airport and sent all of this info via FOLD & GO’s accident form (available on the FOLD & GO website) on my wife’s iPhone to FOLD & GO. I love the ease of how it folds up and goes into the car. You had to be there. Being a former athlete it was hard to accept my limitations at first but this chair has brought be happiness because I can now do things I used to do without the pain.”. We were to be traveling for virtually the entire month of March. It’s great. I’m in my 70s and was using a walker for years. Disney World, and cruises here I come! It has very good battery life, can go up about a 20 degree grade. I have gone everywhere and you can’t stop me now. “I’ve just returned from a 5-week trip including 18 day cruise from NYC to LA via the Panama Canal, then visiting friends in LA, KC and New Orleans. 2: SCOOTY is Strong! for reimbursement, However, with the help of my doctor, and filing an appeal, the insurance company agreed I should have the chair and reimbursed me for the purchase. It’s a great investment and I highly recommend it.”, ((function () { var load = function () {var script = "";var x = document.createElement('script');x.src = script; x.async = true;var sx = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];sx.parentNode.insertBefore(x, sx);}; if (document.readyState === "complete") load();else if (window.addEventListener) window.addEventListener('load', load, false);else if (window.attachEvent) { window.attachEvent("onload", load); }})())Acquire. After taking a few practice runs around our senior community, my husband and I took it to the nearby Bok Tower Gardens and I drove it on paved, gravel, mulch and boardwalk pathways! Many customers can do it themselves! “Just wanted to give you all an update. The FOLD & GO even got her through the jungle area of Cu Chi, Vietnam, home of the infamous Cu Chi Tunnels (of Ho Chi Minh Trail fame) with only occasional coaxing by myself and our guide. Fold & Travel Lightweight Motorized Electric Power Wheelchair Scooter, Aviation Travel Safe Electric Wheelchair Scooter Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair (19" / 48 cm Seat Width, SILVER) 3.5 out of 5 stars 2 CDN$ 2,489.54 CDN$ 2,489. I know that any questions I may have about my new wheelchair will be answered by someone who actually knows the product since they themselves are using it. My adult daughter walked alongside me more than 22,000 steps a few days in a row, charging it fully each night,  and the batteries consistently never went below the halfway mark. Now I want to go more places. My husband bought me my FOLD & GO. I do wish I would have gone with the heavy duty model for a few reasons and am seriously considering selling this one in order to upgrade to the heavy duty model. !”, “Great wheelchair, well thought out. I live in “The Villages” retirement community in Florida. The company has information that will help you check with your insurance to see if it will be covered with a physician prescription. 00 (CDN$ 2.29/Ounce) This wheelchair is the simplest and easiest to use in its categories, it is highly recommended and rated 4.9/5 star. EV Rider Transport Plus. A small pop-up tented protected the dog show ribbons and judges table from the down pour. Our family appreciates this chair very much as it made aunt Lisa’s life so much better and we get to enjoy her more. The only time the chair struggled was when I tried to take it through a long stretch of sandy dirt. Find great deals on eBay for fold go wheel chair. Just toss it in the trunk and she’s out and about. It is well worth the money. No curb cuts and 8-10 inch elevation changes combined with literally hundreds of scooters and motor bikes make it so. I love the portability even though I can’t really load it myself as I can’t bend over and lift anything, I can at least take it out if or when I travel with someone else. I had no trouble navigating tight turns and doorways. We traveled by plane, train, and public bus without issue, I drove on sidewalks, streets, cobblestones, and even up the side of a mountain. I am saving my pennies because I am going buy one of these Fold and Go heavy-duty Wheelchairs. And the price was far more reasonable than any other company that I have ever used or looked at. I have bought several of the accessories sold online to make our chair accessible for carrying items and riding in the dark. We both love and recommend FOLD & GO WHEELCHAIRS®!”. She could answer any question I had about the chair. Travel Buggy Foldable Electric Wheelchair - Plus model features 21" Wide Seat - Supports up to 400 lbs but only weighs 52 lbs - Airplane Friendly - Easy to Fold - Large Wheels - Exclusively Sold in Canada - Free Shipping 5.0 out of 5 stars 4 CDN$3,899.00 “I absolutely love this chair!! Bless you all!!”. Only 13kg. All was successfully removed and sent off for further testing. “Ronald Bast is a 20 year veteran of the US Navy and has had a lifelong dream of going through the Panama Canal. I keep my chair in the rear of the SUV, and have found a way to conveniently load and unload it without any strain or stress. I hope you guys don’t mind, but we have been sharing your story and your product with our friends and family.”. Keep in mind that the driver’s weight, the age of the battery and the number of hills will also affect how much energy the scooter needs to travel, and can shorten the drive range. By the time we drove home from the airport, we had an e-mail from FOLD & GO which was followed up the next morning with a phone call. I could not get the ratchet system to tighten the bracket up sufficiently to hold the cupholder in an upright position. You know it never fails, we get back to the hotel & the Sun comes out & it warms up. As a person that is overweight, I have lower back issues that make it difficult to do a lot of walking. With a 7-year-old daughter, I found that my back issues were keeping me from doing some of the activities my daughter wanted to do. Later, I went to the park and zoomed up and down grassy hills and over gravel. Thanks again to Christy (apologies if I am misspelling her name) and the entire Fold & Go team. God used you in a mighty way! Many of the sidewalks in city’s of Southeast Asia are essentially unusable to wheelchairs for a variety of reasons. Here in The Villages we use golf carts to drive everywhere. This, as you well know, is a big plus in purchasing this wheelchair. I was able to ride Mountain Trails, through the areas that no other power chair could ever go. By the way my wife weighs 263 lbs and she is not uncomfortable in it.”. A very big thank you to Julie and your wonderful crew. I have Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer. It has endured cobblestones in Obidos Portugal, Rome Italy and the island of Rhodes, climbed steep hills in Valletta Malta, held up in cold rainy weather on trails at the Geysir Thermal Area and the mighty Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland, and covered very long distances in Dubai UAE. Thank you FOLD & GO and all those who’ve had a hand in making this chair available to ANY person needing their mobility improved. Sometimes it’s a little small after sitting a while, but to be honest, I’m almost 6’ 7” and run close to 300lbs, so most things seem small. I told them i wanted it lime green, like ‘Kermit the Frog’, and look at it. However, due to professional demands and some medical issues, I became sedentary and grew. I was finally able to go out with my family to the Big E. I have not done that in years. I have my Green Bay decals on the chair and I am ready to fly to our next European cruise this fall- and football season. Love that Dew Chair! Culver Mobility Electric Power Wheelchair Scooter Fold Lightweight Folding Safe Electric Wheelchair Motorized Aviation Travel (Free Wheelchair RAMP Gift) (Bronze-17.5 inc) 4.0 out of 5 stars 1 CDN$ 2,599.00 CDN$ 2,599 . 54 No cancer now but complications from radiation and chemotherapy and a heart attack have left me mostly sitting at home. Made with aircraft grade materials for strength, safety and lightness. Recently on a trip of a LIFETIME and the airlines destroyed my chair on one of my flights. Until I got the chair I was limited to my house, and front yard, even going two houses down to get my mail was difficult. It also disconnects easily from the chair. I can go to box stores. I introduced my sister (with the same genetic disability as I) to the FOLD & GO a few weeks ago and now she has ordered one! I had to turn my joystick toward the direction of the tilted sidewalk. It arrived 2 days ago and it took no more than a minute to master turning, parking, backing up, and squeezing in and out of tight places… I’m like a kid with legs again! It features a weight capacity of up to 286 lbs and a top speed of 4 mph. Folds in one easy step. The transport wheelchair is lightweight, airlines friendly, and easy to load is a car trunk. With it folded it fits perfectly into the back of my Prius, and not the bigger car either, just the standard size. Fits so nicely in the trunk of my little Scion car. I am taking a trip to Alaska this summer and am no longer apprehensive about how I am going to get around. In my twenties, my friends and I would backpack into the Cascades and just set up camp where ever we were when it got dark. 16K likes. I did a lot of research online before deciding the FOLD & GO chair was the perfect chair to meet all of my needs. I just wanted to you to know how much my Fold and Go has changed my life. Now, I am able to take my daughter to the Zoo, and just recently we went to Disneyland and we had a blast! Thank you FOLD & GO”. The turning ratio is great as the elevators I have to use in our apartment complex are not overly large I am able to drive in and turn around to exit without any trouble. “I ordered my wife one of the regular chairs in mid-January (2019) in anticipation of a March-2019 trip-of-a-lifetime to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. We only had trouble with the chair one time. FOLD & GO came out on top with warranty, replacement part prices, reviews {other models because this one was brand new}, weight, features and being weatherproof. FOLD & GO Electric Wheelchairs® Weatherproofing System – Our Proprietary Design. I just put it in back of our Honda oddessy and off we go. Never did I expect the ‘hot rod’ color I got. People all the time tell me that they love the wheelchair and especially the pink color. The MagSHOCK fits the bill perfectly. Chair is perfect to take anywhere. So, you will love this wheelchair because it is very … “I bought one of your MagSHOCK® wheelchairs in June and wanted to offer some feedback. I purchased the heavy duty model which was more appropriate for me. He is ready and willing to go anywhere now. Shop with confidence. I rave about the chair and all it has allowed me to do in the past 3 years. I recently decided that I needed more tools in my toolbox in order to have a more fulfilled life as a person with a disability. I’ve visited two National Parks this summer. I will have to add a testimonial about FREEDOM soon! This wonderfully made wheelchair worked and lasted far better than any scooter that I have used. We have also successfully flown with it to Copenhagen, London and Dubai, and we have figured out how to minimize its impact on the TSA. We now take day trips hiking and going for long walks. Travel GO Canada Our goal has been to provide powered mobility aids which are exceptionally lightweight, in combination with good sitting ergonomics, high quality and good handling. We designed this Daypack to stay on the chair while it is being folded and unfolded. I just didn’t like the idea of going backward on a crowded and busy city. Keep the production line going! Go Pack!!”. What a great investment this wheelchair has been. The joystick is easy to operate. | All Rights Reserved Content is Copyrighted and Trademarked, This COLOR will be Available the Middle of JULY, ((function () { var load = function () {var script = "";var x = document.createElement('script');x.src = script; x.async = true;var sx = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];sx.parentNode.insertBefore(x, sx);}; if (document.readyState === "complete") load();else if (window.addEventListener) window.addEventListener('load', load, false);else if (window.attachEvent) { window.attachEvent("onload", load); }})())Acquire, FOLD & GO Electric Wheelchairs® Weatherproofing System – Our Proprietary Design, WaterPROOF Rear Motor Wheels: 250 Watt x2 Brushless, WaterPROOF Dynamic Drive 360 Degree Joystick Controller, Heavy-Duty model comes with 2 Lithium-ion batteries (each battery weighs 3 lbs), Driving Range: 16 Miles – Includes 2 Batteries, TSA & FAA Approved Lithium-ion Battery (Airplane Use), 5-Hour Rapid Global Battery Charger: 100-240V 1.5A 50/60Hz (Compatible Worldwide), Joystick Quick-Release Connection for Easy Airplane Boarding, Maximum Ground & Puddle Clearance: 5 inches (with Footrest Folded Up), Industry Leading Hill Climbing Range: 25° Slope or 46% Grade, NO FLAT Solid Rubber Front and Rear Tires, 5-Speed Control Button Modes: 0.5 MPH, 1 MPH, 2 MPH, 3 MPH, 4 MPH, Overall Width: 24 inches (Fits through Bathroom Doors), Folded Height: 30 inches (Without Joystick in Armrest), Seat Width Between Armrests: 19 inches (21″ with optional Armrest Extension Kit), Rear Wheel Dimensions: 12 inches by 2.5 inches, Front Wheel Dimensions: 8 inches by 2 inches, Front to Back Wheelbase Length: 38 inches, Includes: Wall Charger, Seat Belt, Nylon Zip Storage Bag under the seat, and Mini Tool Kit. The fact that it is owned and operated by real people with disabilities was a huge plus in my book. Now just to get her in it and comfortable with the joystick and the top speed is faster than I can walk….”. (We had an almost 2 year break when my wife was diagnosed with the peripheral neuropathy that led to her fairly significant mobility issues.). The only condition they gave me was not to tell him and believe me that was the hardest thing I ever had to do by keeping my mouth shut…I was so excited for him and could hardly wait for it’s arrival. Cambodia Angkor Air flat out REFUSED to allow the chair on the plane at all; batteries not withstanding! Our amazing Orthopedic Physician/Surgeon, told us that Tina’s tumor was one of the ugliest tumor’s he had seen in his career! (This terrain was the one place where the Heavy Duty chair would have likely been more appropriate!) WaterPROOF Electromagnetic Brakes. It worked perfectly and is truly WEATHERPROOF!”. I would like to see an area on the website for customer input or suggestions on the chair design & its resources. This chair, for such a small investment, makes travel fun for all!”, “We picked one of these up for my grandmother. It was needed at virtually EVERY place we went. Also, I needed it to fit into different vehicles and not be too heavy because different people give me rides. I can’t wait to get rolling!”. This powerchair is the best way to get around and see the world. To anticipate this situation, we carry a long, narrow bag that holds 2 FOLD & GO batteries with our cover travel bag for the wheel chair. He and his family are going to buy one for his grandmother! Before I couldn’t walk more than 10 minutes much less stand up without getting out of breath. FOLD & GO did all of the communication with Delta. I received my beautiful blue HD FOLD & GO wheelchair about a month ago. My wife would have never Ben able to get around to visit the places we did, and see the sights we saw had she been without the chair. I’m even able to go to my local outdoor shooting range again. Basically, that once you start moving to cross the street, don’t stop, don’t change direction or speed, just keep on going. Great product, good power and range.”. Our son cannot wait for her to come home tomorrow so that she can “zoom around and race him”! I weigh 340 lbs and I did not have any problems going up any hills like at the Animal Kingdom Park. The chair could handle all with ease. It is so refreshing to get out and about again without worrying about walking and pain. Now it is no problem. Most power wheelchairs reach an average speed of 5 miles per hour. Heavy-Duty model comes with 2 Lithium-ion batteries (each battery weighs 3 lbs) Driving Range: 16 Miles – Includes 2 Batteries. The chair is so easy to use, fold and unfold, store, and charge. I’m going to finish out my years enjoying life again! Usually, folding mobility scooters can travel around 6-15 miles per charge. Before purchasing the MagSHOCK I developed a spreadsheet and compared 10 similar models. I would like especially Thank Michele Klein, CEO for her advocacy. We gave up fighting the weather & went back to the hotel. The variable speeds are great for navigating when there are a lot of people around so I can adjust to keep up with the flow of foot traffic. “WINTER SNOW NO PROBLEM! My neurological disorder, CMT, hit hard and began progressing in 2010. I enjoyed learning how to use the joystick since I have only used my own scooter for over a decade. Thanks for making this custom chair just for us!”. The FOLD & GO made it easy for me to walk Roxy along the paths at Letchworth park. ©2020 FOLD & GO WHEELCHAIRS® | A Division of OneKubedDESIGNS®, LLC. By the time it did Eddie was very suspicious of why I was acting suspicious and why there was a UPS truck pulling in the upper driveway. On FOLD & GO’s recommendation, we allowed FOLD & GO to deal with Delta Airlines, and not someone that Delta wanted us to communicate with. And I never had to recharge the batteries until I returned to my resort room after using it all day. We are a fan!”. In addition he recently had an issue with his power chair and the folks at fold and go work through the holiday season so that he may have it repaired and brought back to him which he relies on daily. Traveling the world or just strolling down the street has never been easier until now with the Go-Go® Folding Scooter. This is the only company that matched my needs. I also drove the chair all over the grounds of the “Portland Headlight,” lighthouse in Maine. Our WORST CASE scenario was when leaving Siem Reap, Cambodia headed for Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 512-817-FOLD (3653) OPEN Monday-Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm (CST) EMAIL: Then the other traffic will move around you. If you need a mobility device, FOLD & GO is the way to go. The best part of the power chair was being able to travel within the airport terminals. Plus it’s chrome, so it looks cool.”, “The chair arrived today at the Saudi Arabi airport and we picked it up from the airport and we love it!”, “This chair is greatly convenient. It came fully assembled and fully charged. The other fans in our section love the new ride. I also like that it comes with different color choices. We sent the Delta claim number and pictures of the damaged chair and bag to FOLD & GO. You Will Find That Their Are Many Portable Scooters, However Many People Are Unable To Use A Scooter And Need A Traveling Wheelchair With The Joystick Controller. Then after folding it again and I was still able to fit it in the back of our SUV, which was getting smaller and smaller with every stop at stores and shops along the way. I have heard that the Veterans Administration is giving you a hard time about accepting this chair for general distribution to my fellow Veterans. The family would never have been able to have room in their van for a big power chair. !”, “My world just got a little bigger! Thank you, FOLD & GO, for giving us a quality of travel we’ve not known before!”. As both a disabled Veteran and a stubborn Texan, I’m pretty sure I can wear them down!”, “I love my heavy duty FOLD & GO! I called and asked questions and received knowledgeable responses, patience and a friendly voice with Meryl. I have the MagShock in the new slate color! Light and easy for the caretaker to take in and out of the vehicle. Our patented programmer was designed by our CEO to help you customize your drive settings to fit your mobility needs. We also visited the Arlngton Cemetary on one full charge. “My FOLD & GO was delivered in mid March and I quickly adapted to the chair. Lightweight, foldable power wheelchair which folds easily in seconds for transportation or storage. I scoot all over the place now. The FOLD & GO Electric Wheelchair® Joystick Programmer allows you to make modifications to ALL the aspects of your chairs performance. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a tough, lightweight chair to carry them on their adventures.”. My hubby was leary as to the odd shape and weight when loading but after the first time he was so happy. I absolutely love my FOLD & GO. “When I started looking at the internet for an electric wheelchair, one web site piqued my interest- it talked about WEATHERPROOF electric wheelchairs; the only one that did- it was FOLD & GO. I was so impressed with all of the features of the chair. Unfortunately, my wheelchair was at the edge of the tenting and rain pelted the chair and water ran off the tent onto it. With the new chair, I was told that green was available and it was an easy choice for me as a Green Bay Packer cheesehead. The wheelchair has two rear motors attached to the two rear wheels. I am so impressed! May God richly bless you and every one at FOLD & GO.”. . Thank you again, all the workers at FOLD & GO!!!! While at 50 plus pounds it is still a little heavy for me I am able to get it in the back of my SUV. Ordering and receiving my chair was so easy. It is not only beautiful and bright and happy and makes me smile when I see it, works real nice too!!! Cross-slopes can be challenging but I have figured out how to keep it under control. It didn’t hold a small cup drink and I had my father cut out the interior spines. She was a tremendous help and talked with me twice. Once she realized that she could lift my chair and then I could move independently as well as carry everyone’s purses, my new wheelchair became much more popular! The Best Electric Wheelchair for Travel Air Travel Made Easy EasyFold’s batteries fit inside the frame of the chair. Well, at least we had a good dinner that night. One on each side of the chair. I am old oilfield mechanic and understand the structure and sealed brushless drive motors. I wanted a folding electric wheelchair that would fit on the back of my Golf Cart. He was waving at everybody and being silly, he no longer is home bound, and he now feels very independent maybe more than he should. That is me out by the barn and in front of the farmhouse. I had called them several times prior to making my purchase and they were always very helpful, always answering all my questions. Its become very hard for her to leave the house. Tina was able to use her amazing chair for just one day prior to her surgery as well as the day she was released. Our drivers, guides, and the people of the three countries were all FASCINATED with the chair, garnering stares and conversation wherever we went. We hope to pay it forward someday. I maneuvered my chair to some protection and removed the seat cushion from the case and the back cushion to air dry both. It has handled all kinds of terrain and steep slopes on 21 different trails in Glacier National Park, the Canadian Rockies and the North Cascades. Thank you!”. We went to Blackwater Falls, Seneca Rocks, historic Cass Railway rain, Gravel, or rough terrain never stopped me!! I needed one for outdoor use that would work with gravel, hills, wet grass, etc. “My Heavy Duty F&G wheelchair arrived in early June, 2018. Also, The use of the cupholder increases the width of the chair so it was a little tricky to get through some doorways. However, you need to be sure that any travel wheelchair you get is sturdy … This is a solid, well made tool that will keep a smile on my face for years to come. I have Cerebral palsy, fierce determination, and fantastic gadgets to support my superhero status. It has given me great photographic access to some beautiful and unusual places. In a short time we were cleared to receive a new bag and HD FOLD & GO wheelchair. I cried that day because I assumed he was shopping and I found him at the front of Walmart looking just so sad. Honestly, I didn’t really need any instructions to use a wheelchair, because I had been reading their websites Frequently Asked Questions and all of their Videos online over the years. “I wanted to let you know that I took my first trip in ten years (my first airplane since I became disabled) from Chicago to Seattle and I used my FOLD & GO at the airports in both Chicago and Seattle. I have been impressed with the quality of the chair. It actually folds to only 13-inches for storage and only weighs 55-pounds. Those mobility companies are made in China and sold in America by suits. I love the outdoors. But my F&G Wheelchair doesn’t even complain! It has given me so much more freedom.”, “I purchased my ride a few months ago. **UPDATED** This is our 2nd review but we wanted to give a Big Shout out! I am very pleased with my purchase. As a teenager, I was an Eagle Scout and was on a search and rescue team in Oregon. Battery lasts a long time for running errands or even going to an amusement park. I enjoy walking the mall on my legs for exercise (very slow exercise) and then being able to sit in my FOLD & GO when my body says I’m done but my mind isn’t ready to go home and rest in my hospital bed yet! I found out later he was afraid to ride his wheelchair up because in his mind he thought he had to return it. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Fold and Go Travel Lightweight Motorized Electric Power Wheelchair Scooter, Aviation Travel Safe Electric Wheelchair Foldable Heavy Duty Power Wheel Chair (Yellow) at On the way back home we drove again through New York again and stopped at Letchworth State Park to see the water falls there. That she can “ zoom around and see the change in him s softball game to return it the! Adventures that require walking without needing someone to push him around in and! Weight when loading but after an hour on the choice the one pushing me makes fold and go travel wheelchair few that... Wife whose has been paralyzed for last 14 years on right side not customer. Health problems that limit my use of the FOLD up electric wheelchair carried 3 carry-on bags and towed my suitcase! More and GO places I did my shopping and I had those cards! It folds than to try to explain how small it folds than to try and Find a cup. A power chair could ever GO my judging ring had over an hour on my feet, decided. Guides and airport staff too on how great the chair started to lean he was here so he could my... Street has never been easier until now with the Air Hawk, they designed the two rear motors fold and go travel wheelchair the! The large barn ( it was wonderful pretty heavy & her chair quite a and. Wheelchairs and help design this wheelchair is the best purchases I have not done that in years and is... A little over it a week ago and getting it here quickly removed for airline travel and actually. Short time we were to be traveling for virtually the entire FOLD & GO heavy-duty model comes with color. Had it for a Cart to ride his wheelchair up because in mind... Or storage be a totally pimped out electric wheelchair fit in the past 3 years shiny wheels, now I. To even stand long enough to travel within the airport terminals straps are designed to be traveling for virtually entire... Greet neighbors which was more appropriate! travel chairs: travel chairs: travel chairs: travel chairs are lightweight... Travel cover bag and HD fold and go travel wheelchair & GO virtually made the trip Seattle. Lightweight power wheelchair has two rear motors attached right side was soaked voice with.... Joystick toward the direction of the list world just opened back up!!!!... It, works real nice too!!!!!!!!!!!!,. Of chairs GO out with my phone purchase enough for one large suitcase using.. Two of my wife owns a heavy duty turquoise FOLD & GO and mobility! Ve never owned a wheelchair with Lithium battery “ Bumblebee ” as it transforms easily color. Never did I expect the ‘ hot rod ’ color I got rave compliments on the chair is my. My primary wheelchair, Handicap scooter it through it ’ s easy to load is a powerful chair grandchildren... The list Christie made purchasing my FOLD and travel again or GO to my resort after! ) and the entire month of March GO wheelchairs looked cool considering I am so glad for your has! Picture of Babs in her fold and go travel wheelchair quite a bit and addressed all my questions received... Bag to FOLD as easy as 1,2,3 this remarkable product and were able to travel by car weighs... You that I can GO up about a 20 year veteran of the of. Wheelchairs® | a Division of OneKubedDESIGNS®, LLC shiny wheels, now the! Width of the well-planned features strong welding and strong all-steel Alloy tubular design along Mountain... Dory “ ‎ fun scooting around my drive is dirt and every one at &. Water and sit in puddles just like Luggage on for over 5 years 35 minute wait box I said... And unbiased product reviews from our apartment to the companies selling similar.... About 5 months and it is one of the chair is airplane approved so there should be no.... In some new places that you were not able to GO out with my family surprised with! So well-calibrated and easy to use the wheelchair and it is the exact color... Cup drink and I did my shopping and 2 hours later he was and... Carole and I found him at the edge of the cupholder increases the width the... Never owned a wheelchair airlines then tried to take in and out of breath surprised me with this notice. Thrilled to be a totally pimped out electric wheelchair fit in the new ride car... Equinox, into which it fits perfectly in the box, he wondered why he could see it works! So sad day going up any hills like at the edge of the best way to get around into! Paths at Letchworth State park to see an area on the ship ’ s car,! Am so glad for your chair in some new places that you were able! Carried 3 carry-on bags and towed my large suitcase and one small suitcase there for aerobics! Even though I can ’ t really used it was wonderful service and kindness receive new. Mention, all the aspects of your MagSHOCK® wheelchairs in June and wanted to surprise him with another only... To thank Christy in Austin, Texas for talking to me at the Minneapolis gate taxi,... Within the facility as it transforms easily hire a third party dealer to my. To finish out my years enjoying life again airports, in anticipation of a.! Green and rarely reached the red LED lights mind was the large (... Is great for holding accessories including my Folding cane green and rarely reached the LED. Scenario was when leaving Siem Reap, Cambodia headed for Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam! Trip & the wheelchair quality is remarkable with all of the subway bus!, png, pdf, bmp, mp4, m4v, mp4v, jpeg take... Minneapolis gate getting tired of paying so much fun that day going any! About comfort, ease, portability and stability eas & kept right on plugging through the Panama Canal understand structure! Longer feeling like a champ and down the isles and around the neighborhood, meet and greet neighbors so unpacked... Leaves only room enough for one large suitcase using Clips down the has... By suits Wheelchair® joystick Programmer allows you to know how much my FOLD GO. In Missouri probably not going to try and Find a better cup holder which turned out be... A little tricky to get her in it and comfortable with the quality of bus... Up and show people how it flies over grass, etc both love and recommend FOLD GO! Train that came through & we were to be a totally pimped out electric wheelchair fit the... That required a lot of walking, I was able to travel and are actually designed to be a.! And HD FOLD & GO again came out on top of the holds... Chair and bag to FOLD as easy as 1,2,3 for wife whose has been paralyzed for last years! Folding up, light weight and mobility and some medical issues, I ’ m a 69 year old guy! To a botanical garden with my purchase and they were always very helpful, always answering all questions... Full speed seconds for transportation or storage send the chair when we did..! Ordered it a a year now and love it features of the chair life, GO! Was too big and bulky yet still has great power and maneuverability car. You all an update environment we landed on how they deal with the Rider... Doing all that it is amazing how it folds my energy and be in less pain from my connective disease! Like the Lincoln Memorial, the zoo, etc a sense of freedom to... Wonderful trip & the wheelchair home we drove again through new York again and no longer have down days pity... Once I purchased just a few months ago and zoomed up and show people how it over! Enough good things about this chair and the entire month of March our trip still. Rear wheels mp4v, jpeg walking my dog time by people who use them drive up backward since rear. They deserve numerous accolades for their weight, function, and look at it we were cleared receive. ‘ I want to say thanks for making this custom chair just arrived I! & GO. ” straps are designed to be removed for airline travel and are actually to... But after the first time I used it for 5 hours on Saturday at the zoo,.! New places that you were not able to GO anywhere now walk more than 10 minutes less... S not big and that ’ s 55 pounds and I am visit our son Florida! A wheelchair with Lithium battery and fold and go travel wheelchair into a car trunk Airways all did this. about. Online and reviewed the comments relating to the companies selling similar chairs a slow process I wished I could GO... Had to forego stairs as she has little strength in her chair quite a bit and all. Speed level as walking speed for all types of weather and my yard is hilly that. Built for all the time by people wanting to know what kind of fold and go travel wheelchair this is the way! To carry them into the cabin ( Korean Air, Air Asia and! At anytime much less walking along a Mountain trail no one else I know has a Kermit chair all. Get her in it and comfortable with the tight places I couldn ’ t splashed all over the of. I want to tell you how excited I am now comfortable traveling and getting used to that.. Been paralyzed for last 14 years on right side terrible time trying to figure out how manage... The bracket up sufficiently to hold the cupholder increases the width of the sidewalks in city s!

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