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29. TjIlEiS OiACX~EV 0'T1 MUlOO"Ei AEAeXA'I1KEV" 6E6S, 'ToO'Tov AE OVK OiACX~EV TI66EV EO"'Tiv. John viii. 59. Tjpcxv oov Ai60vs ivcx /3eXAUlO"IV ETI' cxU-r6v. John vii. 30. 3aAEV En' cxU-rov ,ilv XEipcx, O'TI OVTIUl EA'I1M6EI Tj wpa cxU-rov (cf. vii. 32). Luke iv. 30. oov ETIOpruE'TO. John x. 31. e/3eXO"'TaO"cxv TIcXAlV AI60vS 01 'IovAcxiol iva AI6eXO"ooO"lv cxU-r6v. John vii. 44. S e/3aAEV en' cxU-rOV ,as XEipcxs. John x. 39. E3Tt'TOVV oOY cxU-rov meXO"cxl, KCXt E~fiA6EV EK 'Tfjs XElpOS' cxU-rwv.

If the supplements adopted in the text are correct, the question here asked is clearly of the same type and asked with the same purpose as that of the Herodians, and the incident may probably be the same, though it is just possible (see p. 40) that it is a similar but earlier attempt of Jesus' enemies to entrap Him. If the latter, it is obviously independent of the Synoptists; if the former, since there is no apparent reason for changing the form of the question and Jesus' reply so drastically, it would appear to represent an independent tradition.

It is easy enough to imagine a highly individual writer like St. John expanding and combining material which he found in an earlier text to deVelop his interpretative record of Christ's teaching and personality. As Canon Streeter well puts it (The Four Gospels, p. 397), 'John, the preacher, the thinker, the mystic, aiming avowedly at writing, not a biography, but a message meant to burn ... , was not likely to write, like the other Evangelists, with a copy of Mark or any other document in front of him.

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