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D. D. OR. OR. BO. CP. CP. HE. HE. HE. A. HO. HO. HO. HO. HO. HO. HO. HO. ME. HOM. CPS. ) “because you do not live by our gift, but you are more gladdened by the offering of our hearts” . Those instances marked with an asterisk (*) are ‘discontinuous’ examples, that is, examples where the adverbial particle does not immediately precede the participle. ) “(he) who was more learned in ecclesiastical discipline and simplicity of life than he was energetic in the things of this world” Given that there is no (noticeable) structural difference between the periphrastic constructions occurring with either a present or a past participle, in what follows the investigation will concentrate on those periphrastic forms containing past participles only.

It is commonly agreed in the literature that inflectional comparison (derived from the Germanic suffixes */iz/ and */oz/) was the earliest strategy deployed in English (Mitchell 1985: 80, 84). e. e. whether periphrastic comparison arose through language contact or language-internal causes of change, and, in the latter case, through what process of internal change; cf. Danchev 1989: 168). Scholarly interest in the issue arose at the turn of the twentieth century. e. inflectional) comparison. As Mustanoja (1960: 279) observed, this reluctance to deploy periphrastic forms in dialectal speech might suggest that they were not in the original repertoire of English linguistic structures, but were the result of foreign influence.

The origin of English periphrastic comparatives variation and change. It not only underlies key linguistic concepts (cf. Haspelmath 2006 on the notion of markedness) but can also “effect linguistic behaviour” both synchronically and diachronically (Bybee & Hopper 2001: 10). In this connection, Bybee & Hopper (2001) point to the importance that frequency has in the formation of new constructions, noting that “the more often two elements occur in sequence the tighter will be their constituent structure” (Bybee & Hopper 2001: 14).

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