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In this case, the benefits of contrast variation are easily seen. There would be no observable diffraction if particles of uniform scattering length density ρ¯ were placed in a solvent where the SLD matches, ρs = ρ¯, and the contrast is zero. Instead, the effective scattering density of a particle whose SLD varies with r is ρ(r)−ρs . 18) where the integral is over the the particle volume. 19) where ρf (r) is normalized by ρf dr = 0. 20) 1 Neutron Scattering for Biology 13 The contrast in this situation is defined as ρc = ρm − ρs , which is adjusted by varying the amount of D2 O in the solvent (ref.

2), the scattering length density (SLD) is defined as the sum of the coherent scattering lengths over all atoms within a given volume δV , divided by δV [18, 20] or bi . 15) ρ(r)δV = i SLD is the Fourier transform of the structure factor ρ(r) = S(Q)e−iQ·r dQ. 16) In the case of a single crystal, the integral in Eq. 16 is over all atoms in the unit cell, and techniques used in X-ray crystallography are entirely applicable. A. Harroun et al. the unit cell, rather than the electron density. Whereas both methods yield the locations of the atoms, r i , in the case of neutrons hydrogen atoms with their negative b value (ref.

When ρs = ρpro (r), the scattering is dominated by the nucleic acid structure, and vice versa. 2 and Fig. 4 is that D2 O has a larger scattering length density, and H2 O a lower scattering length density than any of the biological molecules listed. This means that an appropriate mixture of the two solvents can contrast match almost any biological molecule. This is represented graphically in Fig. 4, which shows the average scattering length density for model RNA, protein, and lipid membrane systems, as a function of the concentration of D2 O solvent.

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