Download PDF by Monte Cook, Jeffery A. Dobberpuhl: Arcana Evolved - Spell Treasury (d20 System)

By Monte Cook, Jeffery A. Dobberpuhl

ISBN-10: 1588469409

ISBN-13: 9781588469403

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Heightened Effects: You can see auras within 240 feet, and the duration increases to 10 minutes per caster level. Further, this version of greater arcane sight grants you a +2 competence bonus on any checks you make to dispel magic. Magic Item Creation Modifier: Constant ×2. ARMOR CONTINGENCY Conjuration (Calling) Level: 1 (Exotic) Casting Time: 10 minutes Range: Touch Effect: One suit of armor Duration: One hour/level Saving Throw: No Spell Resistance: No You set up a contingency with your armor, so that if a predetermined event takes place during the spell’s duration, the armor appears on you, fully donned and prepared.

Any enlarged item that leaves the enlarged creature’s possession instantly returns to its normal size. The spell gives no means of command or influence over the enlarged animals. Further, unless the animal has been trained to accept spells from the caster (see sidebar), it gets a Fortitude save to resist the spell. Multiple magical effects that increase size do not stack. Diminished Effects: The range is reduced to Close (25 feet + 5 feet per two levels) and the spell can affect only a single animal.

If you force the antilife shell against a creature that normally would have been kept at bay, the barrier collapses with a sickening snap. Diminished Effects: The spell must be cast on a fixed point in space. Further, any creature warded by the spell can attempt a Strength check to force its way through the barrier (Difficulty Class equal to the save DC the spell would have if it allowed a save). The barrier does not collapse if a creature passes through it. Heightened Effects: In this version of the spell, any creature that touches the field takes 1d4 points of negative energy damage per caster level (Reflex save for half damage).

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