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Message) ( -- ) Display message from the input stream on the screen during the compile operation. Note the blank between the ( and message. "dot-paren" (M) CR ( -- ) Force the display on the screen to start a new line. "c-r" (M) EMIT ( char -- ) Display the character with the ASCII code char on the screen. Display of control characters is probably implementation dependent. (M) TYPE ( addr +n -- ) Display a string of length n that is stored starting at address addr. Display of any control characters within the string is probably implementation dependent.

At the top right hand corner of the screen is an indicator to show how deep you are in this linked list of files. ) and need to press F10 n times to get out (or shift F10 to get right out of the nested files in one move). If it shows F10 you are at the top level and pressing F10 again will take you back to whatever you were doing when you wanted to look at the source of 4DUP. The HELP information (instructions for use) for 4DUP can be displayed by typing: HELP 4DUPf When in the help file, placing the cursor at the start of a Forth word and pressing F9 will show you the source of that word, just as if you had typed VIEW word.

Store" C@ ( addr -- byte ) Fetch least-significant byte only. "c-fetch" C! ( byte addr -- ) Store least-significant byte only. "c-store" 2@ ( addr -- d ) Read the (32 bit) double number at addr and the following location. "two-fetch" 2! ( d addr -- ) Store the double number d at addr and the following location. "two-store" +! ( n addr -- ) Add n to number at addr. "plus-store" +C! ( byte addr -- ) Add byte to the 8 bit number at addr. "plus-C store" Moving data between the stack and the dictionary.

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