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By Kenneth Grant

ISBN-10: 1871438365

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During this examine of Aleister Crowley's process of sexual magic, Kenneth supply unearths the occult workings of the fireplace Snake or Kundalini-Goddess the cosmic energy that once woke up by means of magical ability assumes the shape that Crowley referred to as the Scarlet girl. provide additionally describes a mode of dream keep an eye on that Crowley and others used to determine touch with extraterrestrial and non-human beings and to arrange themselves for the belief of real cosmic recognition.

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If their sense of truth avails they smile and proceed. Instantly, the illusion vanishes and they see that the original claim is just. B[lavatsky] who persuaded seekers that she was a cheat (having claimed to be sent by the Masters). She did this so well that I have to hang on like a bull-dog to The Voice of the Silence to prevent myself doubting her Adeptship. This formula is ancient. , to a goat and then said, "This is our God and you have to kiss its arse". on his preparing to comply, lie found the face of a young priestess awaiting his kiss.

If powerfully formulated, these concretize, reify, and assume a reality equal in degree-and often more so-to that which is experienced in ordinary wakeful consciousness. The advantages of being able to induce such a state are evident, particularly if they are considered in relation to psychotherapy. The limitations, from a magical point of view, are also evident. Crowley reversed the process, thereby paving the way for a form of dream control that enables the dreamer to do infinitely more than abstract his complexes on the swapnic level, for to dream with intent is to function consciously on the astral plane.

E. the Scarlet Woman) unfolds it. Crowley used many seers in the course of his career; eight were of paramount importance. The list given in Chapter Two 6 See The Natural Genesis*, Vol. IL PP. 355, 365. 7 The Magical Revival, Chapter 3. dates from the Cefalu-Tunis period (192,0-3) when he was composing the Long Comment on AL. His later Magical Records show that many more candidates aspired to the office, most of them being rejected for one reason or another. It has been remarked by various of Crowley's critics that the women who did qualify for the r6le almost always ended their term of office in Colney Hatch, or some similar institution.

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