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This textbook presents practising scientists and engineers a sophisticated remedy of the Atmel AVR microcontroller. This e-book is meant as a follow-on to a formerly released booklet, titled Atmel AVR Microcontroller Primer: Programming and Interfacing. the various content material from this prior textual content is retained for completeness.

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Experienced designers recognize that typographical, transcription, and design errors all contribute to functional problems that must be addressed. Inexperienced designers must be taught how to see the potential for problems. Then, they will see that they can use assertions to naturally check for correctness. The assertions slow down simulations. They waste time. ” One astute designer responded, “No! ” This illustrates that the debugging process is where efficiency improvements are required. So, although assertions do have an overhead, that overhead is comparable to monitoring the design for correctness.

In these cases, it is important to ensure that all models used in the system-level environment utilize compatible and consistent forms of assertion specification. 2 Design requirements Every design begins with requirements. Sometimes these are developed in an ad hoc fashion, but ideally they are developed systematically. In essence, these requirements contain specific details on the expected behavior of the system. 0 gigabytes/sec of data” “The design must execute the x86 instruction set” Capturing design requirements take several forms.

The more efficient method A design methodology that utilizes a formalized process provides time to align much of the detailed architect/design requirements with the specification requirements before RTL implementation begins. It also provides opportunities for review and collaborate to ensure the design has the greatest chance of matching the specifications. Once the design has been completed (and reviews are favorable) an implementation can begin. Assertions can play a major role in ensuring that the requirements specified during one phase of design are satisfied during the next phase (that is, aligning the domains).

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