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The port vertical tail was equipped with surfacebonded piezoelectric wafer actuators, while the starboard vertical tail had an active rudder and other aerodynamic devices. Buffeting alleviation control laws aimed at reducing the fin tip acceleration were imposed (Fig. 5a). 5 m/sec airspeed. The F/A-18 model was tested at up to 37◦ angles of attack. Constant-gain active control of the piezoelectric wafer actuators resulted in reduction of the root bending moment (Fig. 5b). The power spectral density of the root strains at the vertical-tail first bending resonance was reduced by as much as 60%, while the corresponding root mean square (rms) values were reduced by up to 19%.

Canada, August 14–18 (1995), pp. 283–289 5. : Ferroelectric Polymers. Science 220 (1983), pp. 1115–1121 6. : The Role of Piezocomposites in Ultrasonic Transducers. Proc. IEEE Ultrasonics Symp. (1989), pp. 755–766 7. Udd, E. ): Fiber Optic Smart Structures. Wiley, New York (1995) 8. : Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry for High Density Multiplexing of Multi-Axis Fiber Bragg Gratings. Proc. OFS-16, Nara, Japan (2003), p. 526 9. : Adaptive Structures – Dynamics and Control. Wiley (1998) 28 2 Concepts of Adaptronic Structures 10.

As most of the control systems are driven electronically, ferroelectric materials are naturally one of the best functional materials for adaptronics applications. In this chapter, we will use ferroelectric materials as examples to explain some of the fundamental physics that produce these marvellous functional properties. Three design philosophies will be given at the end of the chapter to provide general guidance in the innovation of better functional materials for adaptronic applications. 2 Basic Principles of Functional Materials As defined in Chap.

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