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By T. Cox, P. D'Antonio

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The incident wavefronts are excluded for clarity. The secondary sources are shown as stars on the surface. Applications and principles of diffusers 27 plane wave in the specular reflection direction, where the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection. The reflected wavefront is spatially unaltered from the incident sound. Consequently, the sound from the source reflects straight back and is unchanged and not dispersed. This could lead to the reflection being perceived as an echo, especially if the source is a directional instrument such as a trumpet.

The next chapter introduces surface diffusion. 8 References 1 H. Kuttruff, Room Acoustics, 4th edn, Spon Press (2000). 2 L. E. Kinsler, A. R. Frey, A. B. Coppens and J. V. Sanders, Fundamentals of Acoustics, 4th edn, John Wiley & Sons (2000). 3 M. -J. Lee, ‘‘Energy relations in concert auditoriums, I’’, J. Acoust. Soc. , 84(2), 618–628 (1988). 4 M. R. Schroeder, ‘‘New method of measuring reverberation time’’, J. Acoust. Soc. , 37, 409–412 (1965). 5 W. C. Sabine, Collected Papers on Acoustics, Harvard University Press (1922), republished, Acoustical Society of America (1993).

These will now be defined mathematically by considering a wave propagating between two media. 5. A simple model for a porous absorber assumes that it behaves as an acoustic medium like air, only with a different speed of sound c1 and density &1. 5 Sound hitting a surface. 5. tÀk1 x cosð0ÞÀk1 y sinð0ފ ð1:18Þ This must be true for all times and for all values of y as this is a plane wave. Consequently, we obtain a relationship between the angles of propagation, more commonly known as Snell’s law: sinð Þ ¼ sinðÞ ð1:19Þ sinð Þ sinð0Þ ¼ c c1 or K sinð Þ ¼ K1 sinð0Þ ð1:20Þ The behaviour of the sound wave therefore depends on the relative size of the speed of sounds in the two media.

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