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This consultant provides labored examples utilizing the layout provisions in ACI 318 Appendix D. now not all stipulations are lined in those examples. The necessities of direct pressure, direct shear, mixed stress and shear, and the typical state of affairs of eccentric shear, as in a bracket or corbel, are awarded.

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Installation forces and torques in post-installed anchors can cause splitting of the surrounding concrete. Such splitting also can be produced in subsequent torquing during connection of attachments to anchors including cast-in anchors. 2. In some cases, however, specific products are not known in the design stage. Approximate values are provided for use in design. 4, minimum center-to-center spacing of anchors shall be 4do for untorqued cast-in anchors, and 6do for torqued cast-in anchors and post-installed anchors.

589 in. 2 – OK 4 The total design pullout strength of four 1/2 in. 589)(4000) = 52,774 lb 5. 4hef . 8 in. < 3 in. actual edge distance ∴ The side-face blowout failure mode is not applicable. 3R-11) 6. 7 apply. 7. 7, the minimum clear cover for a 1/2 in. 1(c) the 2-3/4 in. cover provided – OK. 8 summarizes the various design strengths with concrete breakout controlling. 8—Summary of design strengths Failure mode Anchor design strength φNsa Calculated design strength, lb Controlling failure mode 38,220 — Concrete breakout φNcb 14,201 ← Controls Concrete pullout φNpn 52,774 — Concrete side-face blowout φNsb Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Steel Concrete splitting — Use four 1/2 in.

6 requirements. 4. 4 reduction factor. 75φNpn < φNsa; therefore, this is a nonductile design. 4, but the reduced permissible design strength controlled by concrete pullout drops to 5102 lb. 4 factor. Significant strength reductions occur if concrete controls. 3—Example 3: Single post-installed anchor in tension away from edges Determine the minimum diameter of a post-installed torque-controlled expansion anchor for installation in the bottom of an 8 in. slab with a concrete compressive strength of fc′ = 4000 psi to support a 3000 lb service dead load, as shown in Fig.

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