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By G. Walter Hansen

This e-book deals a clean standpoint on Paul's use of the Abraham tale in Galatians by means of supplying a radical research of its epistolary and rhetorical contexts. partly I, parallels in Galatians to rebuke-request letters in Greek papyri function a foundation for dividing the letter into significant sections: Rebuke (1.6-4.11) and Request (3.12-6.10), the request formulation in 4.12 indicating a tremendous turning element within the letter. The Abraham argument (3.6-29) and the Hagar-Sarah allegory (4.12-31) could be seen as Paul's biblical rebuke and biblical charm respectively. Rhetorical research classifies 1.1-4.11 as forensic rhetoric, characterised through defence and accusations concerning previous activities, and 4.12-6.18 as deliberative rhetoric, marked via exhortation and dissuasion relating to destiny activities. partly II, exegetical research of 3.1-29 stresses the subordination of the Abraham argument to the framework supplied by way of Paul's expressions of the rebuke. inside this framework, the autobiographical part and the Abraham argument part are parallel advancements of the thesis assertion (1.11-12). either sections emphasize Paul's missiological problem to maintain the reality of the Gospel for the liberty of Gentile believers. research of 4.21-31 indicates how the allegory features in the request component to the letter as biblical aid for the decision to withstand the troublemakers, environment the level for the authoritative charm of 5.13-6.10. From the point of view supplied by means of this research, major implications which relate to broader theological matters in Pauline theology are set forth; the functionality of Paul's doctrine of justification by means of religion because the foundation for his Gentile challenge, Paul's view of the Gentile church because the Israel of God, and the covenantal constitution of Paul's ethics which pertains to the reaction of religion to obedience within the divine will. 3 appendices review contemporary dialogue of significant history matters: The Opponent's Use of the Abraham culture, Abraham in Jewish Literature, and Paul and Jewish Exegesis.

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