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By Ray del Sole

ISBN-10: 1446157938

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For the real religious seeker:
This booklet offers a pretty good strategy for numerous varied religious reasons that's according to the information of the chakra method and its analogies with the 5 parts on all 3 planes. you don't want outstanding skills to enhance your religious growth, to transparent and to heal your self. With at least effort and time on your day-by-day perform you may make nice growth on your non secular improvement. additional extra you'll event a deep balancing and vitalization in all elements of your character.

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Keep your concentration until your egg timer rings. You will probably also experience an activation of your eyes and your temples. The chakras of the head and the senses should receive the most concentration in general. Then directly move on to the air element. Concentrate yourself on the forehead chakra and then integrate the ears, throat and heart chakra. Feel the natural activation and support it with your will. Here is the same – focus especially on the forehead chakra and the ear chakras. Throat and heart chakra take part in the activation in a natural way.

I am a cosmopolitan and I feel at home especially in the south and the east of the world. I feel the old bonds of former incarnations to other countries, forms of old love and appreciation. When I was a little child I have dedicated myself to the aim of understanding the world completely, how everything works. Today I would say – to understand God, man and creation, to gain real wisdom. So I started very early to study books about sciences, mysteries, religions, cultures, ancient history and spiritual teachings.

They are like parrots. There are only very few authors who are initiated into this topic writing utilizable things about it. In the first place there is Choa Kok Sui, the founder of "Pranic Healing" - he was initiated by his Chinese and Indian masters. He developed a very scientific healing system grounded on the chakras. In the second place there is Mantak Chia, a Chinese initiate in Taoistic Alchemy. He writes about the chakras from the Chinese point of view - chakras are not the main point in his teachings but his knowledge of Chinese alchemy is great.

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