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By Mary Anne Atwood

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Mary Anne wrote A Suggestive Inquiry into the airtight secret. . . at her father’s request, and in parallel along with his personal composition of a long poem at the similar topic. Thomas South (her father) paid for the ebook to be released anonymously in 1850, yet with no need learn it, trusting his daughter’s judgement. interpreting it after ebook, he believed Mary Anne had printed many airtight secrets and techniques that have been higher left unpublished, and accordingly got up the rest inventory and, together with his daughter, burnt them, besides the incomplete manuscript of his poem. just a couple of copies of the publication survived. Ms Atwood released not anything after A Suggestive Inquiry. . . .

Walter Leslie Wilmshurst, in his 1918 advent to the reissue, laments that the techniques of her later years didn't locate fruition in one other paintings. He claims, besides the fact that, that there's a lot to be present in her papers, of which he was once then in possession.

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And since one of the most fertile sources of dissension that have arisen in the Christian Church has been about these very shadows and types of doctrines, it is to be hoped that, if ever again they should come to be generally reintroduced, it will not be on the ground of ecclesiastical persuasion, or any mere written authority, which, however high and well supported, has never yet been found sufficient to produce unanimity; but from a true understanding and cooperation of that original virtue, apart from which they do but mimic an efficacy, and gather unwholesome fruits.

It is not known exactly when Prince Geber lived; but since his name has become notorious, and is cited by the oldest authors, whereas he himself quotes none, he merits, at all events, an early consideration. Besides, he is generally esteemed by adepts as the greatest, after Hermes, of all who have philosophized through this art. Of the five hundred treatises, said to have been composed by him, three only remain to posterity: The Investigation of Perfect, The Sum of the Perfect Magistery, and his Testament (37); and the light estimation in which these are held by more modern chemists, forms a striking contrast to the unfeigned reverence and admiration with which they were formerly reviewed and cited by the adepts, Albertus Magnus, Lully, and many more of the brightest luminaries of their age.

Besides the treatise of minerals already mentioned, there is the Libellus de Alchemia, published with his other works (46); also, the Concordanditia Philosophorum de Lapide, the Secretum Secretorum, and Breve Compendium in the Theatrum Chemicum, all treating of the same subject. Albert’s authority is the more to be respected in that he gave up every temporal advantage, riches, fame, and ecclesiastical power, to study philosophy in a cloister remote from the world during the greater portion of a long life.

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