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In: “Notarial Acts,” Studia Rosenthaliana 17:2 (July 1983): 217. 19 Herks, Amersfoortse tabak, 194–195. 20 Eyders: GAR ONA 103, 38/63 (July 30, 1621). ” 21 The total debt was 57,094 pounds of tobacco. Fleet, Virginia Colonial Abstracts, 24: 66. Richard Glover may have moved from Zeeland to London in the late 1630s. In 1639, he was described as a ‘merchant of London’: GAA NA 1609: 43–46 (June 29, 1639). 22 Willem Mandevijl was in Delft, Herri Corckers in Vlissingen, and Gillis Langle in Dordrecht: GAR ONA 78, 58 (June 11, 1621), 78, 71/143 (June 30, 1621), 138, 405/623 (March 23, 1640).

Still, as a group they 29 He was born either in 1575 or 1576: GAR ONA 91, 40/98 (January 11, 1619), 91, 113/260 (December 10, 1619). See also GAR ONA 91, 41/100 (January 11, 1619). One of the rare Scottish residents active in the tobacco trade was James Morin (in 1654): Douglas Catterall, Community without Borders. Scots Migrants and the Changing Face of Power in the Dutch Republic, c. 1600–1700 (Leiden: Brill, 2002), 57. 30 GAR ONA 91, 225/553 (December 14, 1621), 98, 46/133 (January 28, 1622).

In Gouda between 1632 and 1654 the numbers wavered between 3 in 1633 and 1653, and a record 43 in 1648. 13 In Rotterdam 53 new houses were built in 1740, but only 6 ten years later. 14 Obviously, it is impossible to say how many of these newly built homes were designed by architects. It would be a fair guess to say that this was most likely to be the case along the major streets and canals, and much less likely in the lower middle class and proletarian districts of the towns. 15 One of the main buildings on the Rapenburg canal was a former abbey chapel which after 1575 was used as the university main building.

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