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And that between the fourth and fifth lines 5-2 mm. Furthermore, both actinium C and actinon emit On the other hand, the a-rays emitted the of remainder the are homogeneous; this has radio-elements by been established for the rays from polonium with an accuracy of 0-3 a-particles of different velocity. per cent. Chap. 2 II, ABSORPTION, RANGE, AND VELOCITY In the case of ThC' and also RaC', however, it is 27 found that a small fraction of the a-particles have a much longer range than is stated in Table 1.

Fig. 6 illustrates one of the many possible forms of the If we instrument, and is sufficiently clear to need no further explanation. Thin Wollaston wire or fibres of platinized quartz have been found very satisfactory in place of the metallic leaves of electroscopes, especially when we are concerned with precisional measurements. In the 'single-string' (fibre) electrometer the insulated fibre is FIG. 6. fixed at both ends and situated between two metal plates connected to the poles of a battery of from Emanation 50 to 100 volts, the mid-point of which is earthed.

THE 44 J3-RAYS Chap. -particle along the about 1,000. The energy expended in the production of a pair of ions corresponds to about 32 volts. Since the ionization potential of the from this nitrogen molecule is only about 16 volts, we must conclude a that a considerable part of the energy handed over by quickly moving electron in its collision with molecules is utilized in performing work other than ionization, as in the excitation of molecules and similar processes. For velocities not exceeding about 40 per cent, of the velocity of electrons effected by small light, the diminution in the velocity of thicknesses of matter inversely proportional to the cube of the is velocity.

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