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Hobbs, L. , Motta, A. , Salje, E. K. , Vance, E. , and Zinkle, S. J. Radiation effects in crystalline ceramics for the immobilization of high-level nuclear waste and plutonium, J. Mater. , 13 (1998), 1434–1484. , Quejido, A. , Crespo, M. , and Lozano, J. , Uranium isotopic data in uraninite spent fuel from the Bangombé natural nuclear reactor (Gabon) and its surroundings, Appl. Radiat. , 53 (2000), 91–96. , New cementitious materials based on alkali-activated fly ash: performance at high temperatures, J.

4 km). – Direct injection of liquid waste into geological rock formations. Many of these options are either not technically feasible or they are now considered environmentally unacceptable and have been banned by international agreement (Nirex, 2002). In the case of LLW and ILW, disposal at sea was carried out by a number of countries including the USA, Japan, Belgium, France, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, South Korea and the UK over the period 1949 to 1982.

The radiation source in Ramsar arises from the many hot springs in the area, these containing the 226Ra isotope. Apparently, none of these sites show evidence for increased ill health effects in animals or humans. In fact, a limited number of studies, as reviewed by Cameron (2001), tend to indicate that some degree of background radiation may in fact be good for the immune system, although it is apparent that many more studies are required before definitive conclusions can be drawn. In general, exposure to radiation should always be kept as low as is reasonably practicable, and avoided where possible.

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555 circuits by Forrest M Mims

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