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By Marcia Akins, Andy Kramek, Rick Schummer, John Hosier

ISBN-10: 0965509338

ISBN-13: 9780965509336

ISBN-10: 1930919093

ISBN-13: 9781930919099

If you are going to exploit VFP for greater than informal GUI alterations on your software, this publication is a wealth of information. Concise, in-depth, and a beautiful addition in your assortment.

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Caption. If your application changes the Caption of the screen at run time (as many do), this approach will not work. : in the application. Combination of Semaphore and API. : by Christof Lange ****************************************************************************** FUNCTION IsAppRun( tcUniqueID ) LOCAL llRetVal, lcUniqueID *** MUST pass an application ID to this function! T. T. ENDIF *** Look for an occurrence of this ID as a Window Name DECLARE INTEGER FindWindow IN Win32Api AS FindApp String, String IF FindApp( NULL, lcUniqueID ) > 0 *** We found one!

1 Example of specific Configuration File terms KeyWord Description MVCOUNT = nn TMPFILES = drive: Sets the maximum number of variables that Visual FoxPro can maintain. This value can range from 128 to 65,000; default is 1024. Specifies where temporary EDITWORK, SORTWORK, and PROGWORK work files are stored if they have not been specified with any of the other options. Because work files can become very large, specify a location with plenty of free space. For faster performance, especially in a multiuser environment, specify a fast disk (such as a local disk).

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the SHOW WINDOW command can be used to re-display a previously hidden system toolbar, while RELEASE WINDOW will actually release the specified toolbar. " But there is a catch! In order to use Show Window, the named window must have been defined to VFP and even though the System Toolbars are generated by VFP, there is no way of actually defining or activating the toolbars programmatically. The consequence is that unless a toolbar is first activated by VFP itself, you cannot later make it visible.

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